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Selling Your House for Cash

If you’re contemplating the sale of your house, an easy way to get quick cash is to use your house as a security on a loan with a “seller-financing” company like Loan Max. 

You could also sell your home with no financing required by listing it for rent on or and ask the landlord to put 100% down. 

If you don’t want to bother with all of this you could sell your property to us and receive guaranteed cash by placing an ad at or

Streamlining the Actual Sale

Once you have chosen a funding company, the next step is to submit your application. 

The lender will then issue the borrower a check and send it to his or her mailing address. 

The borrower then deposits the check into their bank account and is able to withdraw money right away. 

The new owner usually has 30 days before they need to close on their new home with that lender, although they may be given more time if they request it.

The Downside to Seller Putting Their Home on the Market

This method can be a great way to sell a home quickly, but there are some potential negatives that you should consider first. Depending on what is being offered in the marketplace, 

this type of sale may not be able to generate enough sales leads for your agent and professional home stager to maximize the value of your property. 

Also, since you are selling without a conventional loan, the lender may require that you provide additional guarantees of some kind over and above what you have already put down on your own home. 

There won’t be any inspections by an inspector and there will probably be no requirement for appraisers or historic preservation professionals. 

Too, you will be sharing your proceeds with the funding company who will be charging you interest on your mortgage.

Advantages of Selling Your House in Cash

The important thing to remember when you’re looking at this option is that the lender is willing to take all of the risk for you. 

You could, for example, sell your house to a mortgage company and then see the market change between now and seven days later when the deal is completed. 

If that happens, you won’t have lost a thing and can always shoot for another sale in just a few months if you like. 

Of course, maybe that is why some people are wary about this particular method as it feels awfully close to gambling with their home.

Selling Your Home for Cash

HOME SELLING METHODS Can your home sell for cash? Sort through these common ways to get the most amount of money for your home. 

HOME SELLING METHODS #1: Short Sale By listing your home with a realtor, you give up any claims to the property. 

Then you offer to sell it at a price that is less than what your lender agrees to pay. 

For example, you may ask $100,000 but the lender agrees only to pay $95,000 after they take out their own costs. 

You have to find a buyer who will pay that amount or above. 

HOME SELLING METHODS #2: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac In the event your lender agrees to this kind of sale, 

they will go into the house and change the locks so that no one can come in and take your property away. 

They will also make sure everything is appraised correctly, with no hidden fees or costs added in. 

HOME SELLING METHODS #3: Altered Equity Sale Although it is not as common, you do have other options available if you want to sell your home for cash. 

Some companies will actually buy a home and then re-sell it to another person. 

These transactions sometimes have to be approved by the bank as well. HOME SELLING METHODS #4: Just Walk Away! If you are facing foreclosure, you may consider just walking away from your mortgage. situation would require the lender to pursue you through the court system and would not be a viable solution for many people.

Four Easy Steps to Sell Your Home for Quick Cash

If you need money quickly and don’t want to pay high interest rates, selling your house for cash is an option that can work. 

Here are four easy steps to selling your house for cash: 1. Listing with a realtor Listing your home with a realtor is not just one of the options available to you, it’s one of the best. 

In order for this method to work, you have to know how much money it will take to sell. 

If you can settle the price at or above what the lender agreed upon, this is great news. 


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