Amazing Titles From the World of Gaming

World of Gaming

The world of gaming is filled with all sorts of video games. You can differ them by genre, by the device you can enjoy them on, or by any other criteria you want to. The number of games just keeps getting bigger each year which is why there are so many titles available. However, all of them are not quality games, and some of them lack in certain departments. So, if you’re looking for some amazing titles to enjoy then here are a few suggestions:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

The Star Wars universe is filled with all sorts of planets to explore, creatures to meet and enemies to defeat. KOTOR presents the world of Star Wars in a unique way. Once you manage to get out of the ship that’s being attacked by the Sith fleet, you and Captain Carth Onasi end up on the Sith planet of Taris. Sure you can follow the story or you can enjoy the other features the game has to offer, like Pazaak.

In this game, you’ll need to beat your opponent by having a hand of cards whose value is 20 or closer to it. The rules are similar to blackjack rules because it was based on the game. Nowadays, blackjack is mostly enjoyed online by players at lots of casino sites. In fact, online casinos offer many variants of this game to players, and make sure to offer other table games and slots. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Besides the ability to create your character, and improve their stats and feats, you’ll also decide how KOTOR ends. This means that your actions influence will either lead you to the Dark Side or Light Side ending of the game.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Franchise

The thing that makes this game interesting is that it features Captain Price, a guy who’s been alive since WWII. But this is the Modern Warfare franchise. In the first one, you’ll get to play as Soap and you’ll be part of a SAS team sent on a mission to recover proof. You’ll also play as a US Army Ranger. You’ll swap roles between missions and manage to kill an old enemy that Price thought dead.

In the second one, you play as Roach and 2 different rangers. The Russians have turned the dead enemy into a hero and another bloodthirsty Russian called Makarov is the next one in command. He executes a CIA operative and starts WWIII. By the third one, it’s you against Makarov, but you’ll have your buddies with you, so you don’t need to worry.

The Dragon Age Franchise

If you’re into fantasy titles, then the entire Dragon Age franchise will be right up your alley. The first one lets you take on the Dark Spawn which spawned when mages meddled with the Rift. They mutated and started bringing in all sorts of demons into the world of Thedas. You can start as a mage, rogue, or warrior in this game and you can be human, elf, or dwarf. Whichever class you go for, you’ll get to meet Duncan, the leader of the Grey Wardens, and he will take you on the quest against the Dark Spawn and induct you into the order.

But the battle against them goes awry and you’ll need to gain allies on your own. The second title continues the story with another character that will spark a Mage Rebellion. In the third one, you’ll get to be in charge of the Inquisition and seal all the rifts that plague the people of Thedas. You’ll discover how you’re tied to this and how important you and your allies are to the world. It follows a story that you’ll influence with your decisions and you’ll even get to customize your character as much as you want. There’s another Dragon Age game in the making, so you’ll have more to play.

Silent Hill 2

This is the second installment of the series, but it’s quite gruesome. James is haunted by the death of his wife and somehow ends up in the town of Silent Hill, a town filled with fog and all sorts of Freudian creatures. It’s an amazing horror game, and an amazing video game to play.


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