Are Infinity Reels Slots worth playing?

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ays be BD4pN 2zw7s unsplash

There are many slot variations out there but one that has been gaining popularity recently has been the infinity reel slot. These unique variations offer players the chance to increase their payout potential, through infinitely increasing reel amounts. You can also claim £1,000 free bonus for Fluffy Favourites slots today.

What are they? 

Infinity reels are an increasingly popular gameplay mechanic, they essentially offer players the chance to continually add reels to the right side of the screen for as long as they are able. As the name implies, this can mathematically end up being limitless although in actuality you probably will have stoppe way before then. If this gameplay mechanic sounds somewhat similar, this is because they have been inspired by the Megaways game mechanic. As the Megaways game mechanic took over the slot world, Infinity reels have a lot to live up to in order to match its promise. Triggering this feature is simple, players just need to press spin and win. The longer they keep up the win streak, the more reels will be added to the game, it is that simple! 


Although the concept of infinity reels may be confusing to some players, there are actually a few major benefits that players can receive by using this game mode. The following are just some of the advantages that infinity reel slots offer players. 

  1. New game format – Slot games can be incredibly fun, nobody can deny that, however they can sometimes become very repetitive. No amount of different themes can change a player’s mind when they believe this. The infinity reels slot games can help change a players mind however, due to the unique gaming experience that they offer.
  2. Bigger wins – One of the biggest benefits that players will get from using the infinity reels is the chance for a bigger win. Thanks to the slot reels multiplying by a potentially infinite amount, players will have a better chance of getting a larger payout. Triggering a win is easy and the slot pays out in clusters, meaning that a player will have a greater chance to win a larger amount. 

Are they worth it? 

Although infinity reels are a relatively new game format, this hasn;t stopped their rising popularity. Players who are yet to try them often question whether they are truly worth it. 

●       YES – Payout potential – In terms of payout potential, the infinity reels are worth it for players. Although they can get pricey, the risk is worth the reward for most. The chance to get a larger payout is something that most players love, luckily this is exactly what infinity reels provide.

●       NO – Complicated to use – One thing that may make certain players think twice about using this game mode is the way it is used, they just cannot grasp the concept of reels multiplying a potentially endless amount. If you want your slots simple, it is best to avoid this variation.

Final Thoughts 

Infinity reels are an exciting slot game variation that promise to bring players bigger payouts through the ever increasing reel amounts.


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