Best data visualizations of 2021

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The world is full of data, from census records to public polls.

 It’s been estimated that an average person produces around 4 gigabytes of data each day. 

But visualizing data can be extremely difficult, which is why there are so few great options available.

 In this article, we’ve put together

a list of the best data visualization tools that have been released in the last year. 

The list includes tools for data analysis and views from a variety of sectors including journalism, sports, and education.

 Inside this article you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each tool along with

what they’re good for and how much they might cost you to use. 

We also put together a side-by-side comparison of what each tool does best,

so you can easily compare them against each other. 

Plus, we asked industry experts to weigh in on the tools

they think are the most important for data visualization in 2021.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public allows anyone to publish interactive data visualizations without any technical knowledge. 

The platform is incredibly popular and has been used

by everyone from NASA and The New York Times to local schools and nonprofits.

 It’s one of the most interesting new tools because

 it helps people quickly make sense of complex data sets

no coding required which is perfect for educators, journalists, and researchers.

 Tableau Public is an excellent option for visualizing data in education, research, and journalism.

How much it costs: It’s free to make public visualizations. 

You’ll have to pay to access customer accounts and data sets. It starts at $200/month per user.

 Anyone with web publishing abilities who wants to make sense of big data sets can use it.

What it does best: Tableau Public is one of the easiest tools for visualizing data.

 You can use it to create infographics, charts, and graphs.

If you’re new to data visualization tools, Tableau Public is the perfect place to start.

 The free version of this software allows you to publish interactive charts and graphs on your own website.

 You can also access a very limited amount of public data sets through this tool.

 If you want access to more customer accounts or unfettered access

to a wide range of public data sets, you’ll need a paid plan. 

The most affordable option runs at $200 per month for up to five users.


is a data visualization platform

that gives business users the ability to easily create animated visualizations using data from their own systems. 

It is based on the open source Palantir Platform, which was developed at the CIA. 

With its wide range of analytical features, 

can be used for visualization tasks including financial analysis, forecasting, and marketing.

What it’s best for: Gauges software can be used by both analysts and marketing

teams to make sense of complex data sets.

How much it costs: It costs $12/month for individual users or $100/month for an organization with five users.

 There are no other fees to access the platform.

 Business users who want to create their own visualizations and share them with others.

 Gauges is a great option for businesses

that want to make sense of complex data sets and then share those findings with others.

 You can also easily delve into the Palantir Platform to analyze your data further.


Blitzdata is a data visualization platform that allows you to

 create interactive charts and graphs using data from Tableau Public or your own corporate system. 

What it’s best for: Blitzdata makes it easy to visualize data in many different ways,

including through bar charts and heatmaps.

How much it costs: It costs $9/month for non-profit and academic users and $9.95/month for individual users. There are no other fees.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to make sense of big data sets from

a variety of sources, including government agencies, NGOs, and businesses.

What it does best: Blitzdata is a great choice for anyone 

who wants to create images that illustrate their data points

using the color red or the creation of interactive charts that combine multiple types of data.


DataHero is a web-based data visualization tool that allows businesses and media organizations

 to visualize and analyze their data and share it with others. Obese Tuber

 The tool has been used by everyone from small nonprofits like

the Urban Institute to large companies like New Line Cinema. 

who want to find new meaning in the numbers they’re tracking.


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