“Can I put this in my loved one’s coffin?” 5 common items to bury with your deceased


If you are asking yourself whether it is okay to bury your loved one with an item they valued, the answer is yes. Burying people with their various possessions is not a modern practice. Ancient cultures, like the Egyptians, did it. The aim of burying the dead with their possessions was to smoothen their afterlife journey.

Some cultures believed that burying the dead with their most valued items would provide them with gifts to offer the gods to make them happy. They believed that appeasing the gods with precious items would make the deceased’s afterlife a happy one. The following are five common items you can bury with your deceased. You can order here a few items that match your loved one’s beliefs and religion.

You Can Put Photos

Photos are among the most popular items placed inside a coffin. Many people make copies of baby pictures, wedding photos, and other pictures taken with family and friends and place them in the coffin. This is a good burial practice, as it helps you and close friends to feel connected to the deceased.

You Can Put Sports Memorabilia

If your deceased valued sports, they probably have memorabilia such as a baseball hat, a football, a golf club, championship rings, a favorite team’s jersey, and many more. These sports mementos are part of important items that were significantly valued by the deceased. Therefore, it is okay for you to place them in the coffin.

You Can Religious Items

Religious items, such as prayer beads and rosaries, are a great symbol of how the deceased connected to their religion. These items can be placed in your loved one’s coffin as a sign of continued religion even in their afterlife.

Jewelry And Family Heirlooms

Some people value their jewelry the most. They will wish to take their jewelry and family heirlooms with them to the grave. If this was one of your deceased’s wishes, you should place their jewelry in their casket.

If they did not ask you to bury them with their jewelry, but you feel that they were part of their most valued possessions, place them in the coffin. You may even wish to buy a customized coffin that comes with small drawers fitted in to place these valuables.

You Can Put Awards

Certificates and other special awards, such as trophies, are items family members like to place in the coffin. They act as a celebration of all that the deceased has accomplished.

Put Favorite books

Favorite books, diaries, and memoirs are among the items you can place in a coffin. They are environmentally friendly and represent something treasured by the deceased.

Medals Of Honor

If your deceased was a member of the military, the best way of honoring their memory is to bury them in their uniforms, every badge of honors they had, and any other decorations from the military. This symbolizes their most significant and highly-respected achievement while they were on earth.

It is important to remember that you will not see these items again when you bury them with the dead. Ensure to carefully choose the items you wish to place in the coffin, and may you find peace as you bury your loved one.


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