Can Kratom Help Treat Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms in Football Players?


The athletic industry has gone through a vast degree of change. The times of taking it as a recreational activity are long gone. Many historical texts in many countries describe the rich culture of athleticism that was prominent in ancient times. Ancient humans barely took it as a way to get rid of the emotional tension. After all, surviving in ancient times was not easy. There were hundreds of chores, and none could miss them. The existence of life in ancient times was dependent on chores like farming. Sports like Lacrosse were famous among the inhabitants. 

The modern era came, and humans started to settle in big cities. A general trend within countries is their capital being the best out of the bunch. Cities like New York experienced a surge in population due to migration. There were fewer chores, but humans remained connected with sports. The popularity among the general public and athletes became high. It led to the formation of the Olympics. It was an event held in a single country, and athletes from all over the world started to participate. Soon it became a regular event and was viewed by millions globally.

Expert eye inclines the formation of worldwide sporting events with the increasing aspiration of the general population. More and more people started to view sports as a career rather than a recreational activity. The risk and reward ratio was worth it for many. Football was one of the most popular choices for many in the United States of America. A study by Statista suggests more than 5 million Americans took part in football in 2018. Many come for the glory, but maximum plunge to the pit of not making it. The same story applies to footballers and makes them fall into addictions. One of these is opioid substances, and quitting it might cause withdrawal symptoms. We will now discuss how to buy Kratom can help with withdrawal symptoms in football players.

What is Kratom?

Kratom comes from the Asian plant known as mitragyna speciosa. It is evergreen and requires minimal care. The leaves come in handy in extracting the different Kratom strains. The resultant product is often powder and available in varying forms. These forms are only possible due to variations in extraction processes. Customers experience different effects from different Kratom strains. For example, the White Vein Kratom has a mild taste on the throat. The Maeng Da Kratom sends a potent sensation to the consumer. More than 4 million adults consume Kratom in the United States of America.

The Challenging Life of Footballers

Millions of Americans try their luck in football, but many do not make it to the top. The system exists to filter out the best candidates. They are then served with millions of worth of contracts yearly. What lies behind the smile in that contract signing photo is gloomy. Footballers live in a challenging world. There is a never-ending competition and always a struggle to achieve more. Then there is extra pressure from the crowd to perform well. Then there is a risk of self-consciousness while performance which affects self-confidence.

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The Increasing Opioid Addiction

The life of an athlete may look attractive, but not many survive. Many athletes push themselves to do better than others. They do not press the stop button in their mind, leading to excessive physical strain. It can cause many to fall off the popularity podium. Experts also suggest that excessive physical workouts can cause physical injuries, keeping the athletes sidelined for months. Some can survive, but some fall into opioid addiction. Research by the New Jersey Department of Education states more than 10% of athletes suffer from an addiction. The trend is similar countrywide. Athletes typically use it to escape reality and the hardships in their careers. But quitting it can be extremely tough. Opioid addiction is easy to catch but hard to escape. Many have to go through several rehab centers and rely on chemical-based products. Most athletes try to avoid them, as they can have probable side effects.

Many try to get back to normal but suffer from withdrawal symptoms. We will now discuss how Kratom can come in handy in relieving these symptoms-

Treats Anxiety

Anxiety is a reaction of our mind to abnormal electrical activity. The neural receptors can go haywire due to emotional tension, and it is one of the extreme opioid withdrawal symptoms. Staying away from an opioid can make the brain anxious as it breaks the habit. Not being able to consume opioid-based products can cause anxiety in an individual. The mitragynine extract in the Kratom-based products will calm your neural receptors. It can instantly calm the athlete down and reduce their anxiety. Experts suggest beating the anxiety of not consuming opioid substances is a huge win. It will be essential against battling opioid withdrawal symptoms. 

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain in athletes is typical. After all, they spend all their day keeping their body active. Even during relaxation after a training regime, the muscles expand, causing pain. Muscle pain can become extreme when it’s due to opioid withdrawal. Several athletes complain of severe pain during their recovery process. Kratom products have organic compounds which have anti-inflammation properties. It will help your body against muscle pain and treat it. The consumption of Kratom can also make your body relax and lose the stiffness it has after training. Kratom has psychoactive properties, making it the best bet against muscle pain.

Helps With Sleep

Sleeping during a withdrawal process can be complicated. The emotional tension can send many minds towards despair. Several patients complain of insomnia during their withdrawal process. It can harm the body further and can cause physical and mental complications. Athletes often complain of nightmares during their sleep, which is quite dangerous. The mitragynine extract in the Kratom strain has stimulating properties. It can stop the mind from going into a frenzy. It stops overthinking and makes the consumer sleep instantly. Many athletes rave about Kratom solving their nightmare problems.


Kratom is an organic product that protects athletes from the potential side effects of chemical-based products. It is affordable and widely available. There are efforts in the direction of legalizing Kratom on a country scale. So far, it is only legal as a dietary supplement. The best way to fight an addiction is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume a balanced diet. Regular consumption of Kratom can help you fight some side effects during opioid withdrawal. The best way is to visit a rehab center across the United States of America as they give you proper care and suggest the quantity of Kratom intake. Controlling the consumption is a critical task and helps you avoid any light side-effects.


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