Can You Apply for Car Finance If You Have a Low Credit Score?


To apply for auto finance in Sydney, you must be 18 years old or older, a permanent Australian resident, and able to provide a reliable source of income. But what if you have bad credit and think it could hinder getting approved for a car loan? Worry no more because there’s car finance with bad credit in Sydney.

Even if you have a bad credit score, bad credit auto finance permits you to buy a car on credit. Instead of paying cash for a vehicle, you can take out a loan from a finance firm and pay back the loan in manageable monthly installments. There are different types of car finance if you have bad credit.

Hire Purchase Car Finance

Hire purchase, sometimes known as HP, is a sort of automotive financing that allows you to pay for a vehicle in monthly installments. This is because the car’s cost is divided into portions that you pay off during a specified period (with interest), usually 12 to 60 months (one to five years). When you purchase a car on hire purchase, you own it after the last payment is paid. 

You’ll usually have to put a deposit on the car you wish to buy first. In most hire purchase arrangements, this will typically be 10% or more of the vehicle’s worth. The remainder of the car’s value will be carried off over 12 to 60 months in installments (one to five years). 

The auto dealer arranges to hire; however, brokers also provide this service. New car rates are frequently highly competitive, but used car rates are less. The yearly percentage rate for second-hand autos can range from 4% to 8%. It’s preferable if the number is as low as possible.

Personal Contract Purchase Car Finance

PCP stands for personal contract purchase and is a sort of car financing. It allows you to borrow a new car from a financing company and make monthly payments over a certain length of time – usually, 24 to 36 months, though some companies offer longer terms. 

You will be requested to deposit your vehicle if approved for a PCP auto loan. This is usually roughly 10% of the car’s value; however, requirements may vary according to the supplier. You’ll then make monthly installments while driving the vehicle for the agreed-upon time, usually between 3-5 years. 

Personal Loan Car Finance

Personal loans are unsecured loans offered by financial institutions and are based on repayment capacity, employment history, profession, income level, and credit history. A personal loan, also known as a consumer loan, is a multi-purpose loan that can cover various urgent requirements.

A personal loan can be a very cost-effective option for purchasing a car, but this is primarily dependent on your credit score. Your annual percentage rate (APR) will give you a decent idea of how much it will cost you, and it will usually include those costs and fees amount of the loan. 

You can choose between an unsecured and a secured loan when taking out a loan. An unsecured loan means you don’t have any assets to use as collateral. It will cost you extra in interest because the bank will lose money if you cannot repay the loan.

Evaluating what type of car finance will suit you is a great help in advancing your dream car to reality. Thankfully, several firms dealing in car finance with bad credit in Sydney will help you fulfill your auto dreams. 


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