Can you equip a creature with a shroud?

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Shrouds are an accessory that can provide power, energy, or durability. 

can you equip a creature with shroud ?

You can equip a creature with a shroud by attaching the shroud to them via the “Equip” option in their contextual menu. 

A shroud is not automatically equipped when you get it – you have to attach it manually to the creature via the contextual menu. Yes, you can equip a creature with a shroud.

Shrouds and other accessories can be found in unique containers. A unique container will increase the chance of getting a shroud.

 Shrines to basic, nameless (unique) creatures usually contain 1 shroud each (value varies). 

These shrines will usually get you your shroud faster than all other locations. Other locations, such as the Temple of Marimbo, contain either 1 “Shaman’s” Shroud or 2 “Giant’s” Shrubs in a specific spot in a room, in a specific order.

Additionally, some types of creatures have their own restriction to what items they can equip:

1) Any creature can equip any type of item in their inventory.

2) Any creature cannot equip a shroud directly.

3) The following creatures only have the ability to equip the following items: Shaman’s Shrouds, Giants’ Shrubs, Giants’ Wicker Baskets, All other Wicker Baskets.

 They will not be able to equip any other item.

4) The following creatures can only use the same type of item as something they are already wearing: For example, if you have a Shaman that is wearing a Giant’s Wicker Basket, then nothing else that has that type of item can be equipped onto it.

 Only accessories with the same name will work on them. Only one shroud may be equipped at a time onto these creatures.

5) The following creatures have a hard limit to how many of a certain item they can equip:

How can we equip a creature with a shroud :

1. Grab a creature that can equip the shroud you want to put on it

2. Enter the location where the shroud is located (within specific level range) with your creature in your party

3. Walk around near the shroud until you locate it (you do not have to be close to it). If no icon appears, move away from it, then come back.

 You can also try moving closer to it if nothing appears. 

This means that there are no monsters near the shroud right now. If there are any monsters near the shroud icon, they will stop you from picking up the shroud with 100% certainty without fail.

4. Click on the shroud and you will get a pop-up screen that gives an option to ‘Equip’.

 Click it and then you can click on your creature and then click ‘Equip’ to equip the shroud onto your creature.

5. If you do not want to use this method, you can try using the equip_self script command in order to force yourself to pick up a shroud (if it is available) automatically when entering a room (such as in the Temple of Marimbo).

 However, we do not recommend doing this because it might break other things, such as dialogue options with other characters in the room when picking up the shroud. (See our article on script commands.)

6. Once you equip the shroud on your creature, you can upgrade it with a new item

7. Your creature will now have the ability to use the new item (this includes all power-ups and upgrades that we currently know of)

8. You can then activate power-ups/upgrades that change this shroud into a different one (we currently only know about shaman’s and giants’) . 

However, you can not simply put any other item back onto your creature and use it as another shroud. 

The current shroud must be safely removed first before you put something else on your creature to make it work as another type of shroud. 

This includes items such as potions or scrolls to upgrade the shroud. We recommend using the “Equip” option in the creature’s contextual menu to remove the shroud.

9. If you want to keep a shroud on your creature in order to use it later, you will have to equip a cloak onto your creature that hides the shroud from your character’s inventory window/inventory list.

 The cloak will hide everything in a shroud from view except for what is being displayed when “Show Item Information” is clicked. 

This way, when you figure out what item is in there, simply remove it from your character’s inventory and replace it with another item so that you can reuse it again at a later time.

10. Don’t forget to add ego level upgrades onto your creatures. You can now turn them into powerful monsters (much stronger than the basic models) with ego 400+.

11. Do not equip items onto your creature if they are prohibited by the shroud you are currently wearing. If the item is not allowed to be equipped, then that shroud type will appear in red in your creature’s inventory. 


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