Casino Games that are worth trying out in 2021


Whatever your preferences are at a casino, there are always plenty of games to choose from to keep you entertained. You can either side with slots or traditional table games and some of these can even be played with live dealers, giving you an authentic casino experience, courtesy of the live casino lobby.

Like previous years, 2021 is proving to be yet another year that sees a bumper crop of casino games that are well-worth trying. Admittedly, most of the action when it comes to new games is always seen in the slot lobbies. New slot games are readily being introduced to online casino platforms every month and as always there are some real gems hidden amongst the standard releases. Despite this, players do have a choice of some decent slot games to play at King Casino and can mix these with more traditional table game action. 


When it comes to casino table games, blackjack is the game that gives punters the best chance of winning cash. This is because blackjack is the game that gives casinos the smallest house edge. The biggest house edge is reserved for the ever-popular slots, yet this does not deter the public from indulging in them. 

So, if you want a better chance of winning, then even though blackjack is not a new game, it is still worth playing for this reason alone. The best place to play blackjack in 2021 is a live casino lobby, this is because each card is dealt by a live dealer and this removes the Random Number Generator from the equation, giving truly random results. Blackjack, if you haven’t ever played it before, originates from France and it used to be called 21. The aim of the game is to hit 21 or as close to it without going over and your hand has to beat the dealers. You can hit, which means take another card or stick with what you have been dealt. 


Baccarat is considered highly risky for casino establishments and this is because this table game also has a very thin house edge just like blackjack. It is also notorious for being the game where extremely high bets are taken. Bets on Baccarat are the highest of all casino games. To start, you pick a side to bet with and the choice is the player side or the banker side. The dealer does everything here, so it is a bit of a spectator sport. The aim is to get as close to 9 as possible and the cards from 2 to 9 carry their face values, whilst 10, J, Q, and K equals zero, the Ace has a value of one. 

Hand of Midas 

As mentioned before, most new gaming action in 2021 comes courtesy of slots and if you want to try your luck at turning everything you touch into gold, just like King Midas himself, then give Hand of Midas a spin. The bonus round is the best and contains single, double, and triple sticky wilds that hide multipliers within them.


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