Comparing assault lawyer vs. fighting your case on your own – which is best?


Although you have the fundamental right to represent yourself in court, you may wonder whether it is better to represent yourself or hire an attorney for your case. The answer to this depends on your individual situation and personal ability to make a case. 

If you’re debating which way to go, here are two reasons to hire an attorney and two reasons to represent yourself in your assault case. 

Reasons To Hire An Attorney 

1. Familiarity With The Court 

Regardless of how prepared you are to defend your case, one reason to consider hiring an attorney instead is that as professionals, attorneys will always possess a greater comfortability and confidence in representation than a layperson with little experience in the courtroom. 

No matter how convincing you sound, the judge may interrupt and ask questions over and over. It is easy to get flustered or overwhelmed by this, and you might lose track of your thoughts or lack the confidence you need to make a point.

Staying Cool: Do You Need An Assault Lawyer? 

An assault lawyer is accustomed to the stressful dynamics that go on with the court and is less likely to stumble should interruptions or other anxiety-provoking points of conversation occur. The right assault lawyer can maintain a calm demeanor under stress. 

If you feel that a lack of confidence may interfere with winning your case, hiring an assault lawyer may be the better option than going at it alone. 

2. Case Theory Is Challenging 

Developing a solid strategy for your case requires a clear understanding of the case theory you’ve created based on the evidence you’ve collected around your case. Generally speaking, case theory explains exactly why the court should not assume that the claims against you are justified. 

An assault lawyer is trained to harness strategies that work. It takes practice to identify these loopholes, so it may be wise to hire an assault lawyer to do this work for you. Even if you’ve developed a strategy, it may not be strong enough. 

Reasons To Represent Yourself 

1. If You Sound Convincing, That Might Be Enough 

Words are powerful, and if you sound like a lawyer, you might have a chance at winning your case. People feel more inclined to trust those who act like they know what they’re talking about. If you can pull this off, defending yourself might be plausible. 

2. Representing Yourself Is Cheaper

Representing yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional. For small civil trials, the disputes will likely cost you anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000. For assault cases, it’s even more. If you lack the means to hire representation, representing yourself may be a safe option. 

The Choice Is Yours 

If you are confident and can communicate well to prove your case, representing yourself may be an option. If you lack confidence in your ability to defend your case, hiring an attorney may be the best option. Review the reasoning in this article to decide which method is right for you. 


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