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Drug abuse is one of the most challenging issues in our society, especially among students. Many students have been seen to associate themselves with drugs and stimulating substances that are harmful to their bodies. The effects of these drugs are severe as they affect every activity like academic and social life. 

 Drug abuse brings a lot of demand, especially on students, as the student in person has to spend a lot of money, and if they don’t have the money, they look for illegal ways to get the money. There are a lot of side effects attached to drug abuse, and the result is mainly associated with the type of drugs in use. These drugs vary from heroin, meth, marijuana, crack, cocaine, etc. 

 The truth is that a lot of students all over the world are addicted to drugs. The most commonly used one is heroin, and it can go as far as slowing down your heart rate. They also recorded reasons why some students engage in drug abuse. For some, it could be family, personal, or depression. It is possible to come out of drug abuse, as it can cause some psychological effects on the student, and as such, it would affect their studies. Many schools have created awareness platforms to inform students about the use and danger of drug abuse. Some of these platforms include payforessay review which can create awareness for you in writing, they literally help in all types of writing.  

 The idea of drug abuse is not just restricted to medicine itself but harmful drugs that are harmful to the human body. The process of addiction starts from the individuals engaging in some level of drugs until it gets to the point where they are dependent on it. And as they keep at it, it becomes hard for them to come out of it despite knowing how harmful it is.

The Foundation For Drug Abuse

There are a few reasons why a lot of students engage in drug abuse, lack of self-worth is seen as one primary reason why many students go into drugs. Peer pressure, stress, and inadequate parental mentorship are some of these reasons. 

 Let’s look at these reasons in perspective;

Increase In Stress

We’ve seen in the past that some students find it challenging to adapt at the beginning of the session. Then, especially when they are returning first-year students or just new to the system, once they can’t handle the stress, the next option for them is to seek refuge in the drug substance. For these students, drugs are seen as a way out of their challenges rather than finding out the actual cause. But it is essential to know that once these drugs are used, it is difficult to come out of them. Getting assignments done can be stressful, check out lancersreactor.org for free tips and tricks on how to write your assignments.

 Social Pressure

There is no doubt that we live in a very competitive society, and a lot of students are caught in this trend. The pressure is usually found between the old and the young ones, although this pressure is not found on the surface. The need to find purpose, the need to survive, the need to make money, and the need to own material things have led to a lot of pressure amongst the students. Once these demands are not met, they easily fall into drugs, as drugs are seen as a medium of distraction from social pressure.

 Mental Health Issues

Mental health challenges are rampant amongst students; these students are emotionally weak, which can lead to depression. And for them, the best solution for them is to rely on drugs as a way out. Rather than seek counsel, they allow peer pressure to lead them into drug abuse. 

 Psychological Trauma

Psychological traumas can lead students into substance and drug abuse. As seen in an essay by TopsWriting, most students who are plagued with past traumas use drugs as a medium of medication. Women react more strongly to drugs than men, so we advise that they stay away from drugs and substance abuse. Another alarming factor is how easily distributed. These drugs have become, and it has also increased the chances of drug abuse amongst students. 

Drug Abuse And Its Side Effect

Drug abuse comes with a lot of adverse effects, both physically and mentally. Drug abuse is the constant use of drugs and its substance. The side effect of drug abuse comes from the fact that its users are constantly engaging in it despite its side effects. The psychological implications come from the fact that its users would not disengage from it despite knowing how harmful it has become.

Some of this affects are;

 Emotional Effect

The emotional effects of drug abuse include anxiety, violence, and mood swings, and you begin to lose interest in your daily activities. Confusion, psychological tolerance to drug substances, etc. The above effects are limited to the physical. Other effects are fluid within the body.

Physical Effect

These include heart attack, irregular heartbeat, respiratory diseases, cancer, liver problems, brain damage, etc. And let’s not forget it’s the ability to weaken the immune system. 


It is advised that every student stays clear from drug abuse, and if they are already addicted, they can come out of it. All that is needed is therapy or counsel.


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