Excellent Tips For Bright Whitening Teeth

Excellent Tips For Bright Whitening Teeth
Excellent Tips For Bright Whitening Teeth

Get Rid of That Yellowish Teeth

Whitening your teeth at home is a great way to maintain a beautiful smile. If left untreated it would be difficult to remove. Depending upon the severity of your issues, you might be able to handle it yourself, or you might need to go see a Calgary orthodontist. Below are some tips

Useful Tips:

• Brush your teeth at least twice a day using whitening toothpaste to maintain your whitened teeth.

• You can also buy bleaching products for your teeth; it may help you depending on the discoloration of your teeth.

• Baking soda can be a substitute to whiten your teeth but use in only in small amount.

• Quit smoking to prevent future teeth discoloration.

• Maintain excellent oral hygiene to prolong the effectiveness of the whitening treatment.

• Use a straw when drinking soft drinks, coffee, and tea as it might increase the chance of staining.

• If you have gum problems or worn out tooth enamel do not use home whitening products.

Excellent Tips For Bright Whitening Teeth
Excellent Tips For Bright Whitening Teeth

• Avoid/ minimize eating sweets and sugars to prevent teeth decay.

• Submit yourself to a regular dental cleanings to remove food and tobacco stains.

• Always discuss with your dentist what method of teeth whitening will be best for you.

• Limit the intake on foods and drinks that might leave stains on your teeth.

For immediate and best effects, teeth whitening is best implemented at the dental office. For homecare, there are available remedies as well.

One is by using whitening brush-on gels or pens but you can only expect that your teeth will be whitened in about two or three shades lighter.

This method is not effective for excessively yellow or brown teeth. Just remember that the teeth are cleaned already before the application of the whitening gel.

Afterward, refrain from eating or drinking for at least 45 minutes. This method takes several applications and mostly the result is temporary.

For whitening toothpaste, this gives one shade lighter. After toothbrushing with the said product, refrain also from eating for at least 30 minutes to take effect.


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