Facebook Big data centre in UAE

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photo 1460925895917 afdab827c52f

The sourcing and operations engineering  team is responsible for ensuring all of  our outsource partners can design build  manufacture and ship that infrastructure  on time so that we deliver a great  experience to users around the globe we  have some challenges today and that our  growth at times is exceeding worldwide  capacity but impossible is nothing here  and that’s actually the part I love  because we do get to manage the  impossible the sourcing team has to be  involved in supporting the entire  process for sourcing a data centre  location all of the mechanical and  electrical infrastructure all of the  commercial electronics all of the  connectivity connecting that DC to the  planet if you took one Facebook data centre.


 and laid it on its side it would  be taller than the Empire State Building  that’s bigger than four  soccer fields we enable the delivery of  Facebook products by just getting the  compute and storage technology and  equipment for the data centres when it’s  needed on time basically we get to touch  off assets of the business all of these  elements working together from one  cohesive team build the backbone that  runs Facebook when I first got here  everything is about disruptive ideas how  quickly can we implement those  disruptive ideas that was very  refreshing  we don’t do cookie cutter designs here.


we get to explore new ways of designing  products that would not be available to  the commercial industry and that to me  is extremely exciting  we’re not plugged into a role every day  is new everybody’s fun we get to work  with industry-leading engineers that are  designing the products and every day I  come into work I learned something new  triage collaborate ability to move fast  and deliver that’s the fun part the  speed of change and innovation and the  investment for growth provides  tremendous opportunities both on a  personal and a professional level the  biggest thing that resonates about Facebook server equipments

for me is the people you will  not find people that are more  open and honest and I think the work I  do as well as the people I work with is  why I say to me being open is really  valuing a diverse culture so as my  daughter is coming into the workforce I  want to have a positive impact and show  her what great female role models that  we have here at Facebook the question is  not which problem do you want to solve  it’s what team do you want to be a part  of because there are a handful of  companies that are solving very cool big  problems but not the way that we are  going about solving them here we have so  much work to do it’s really  mind-boggling our mission is to connect  the rest of the world and bring  communities together and we can really  make an impact on their lives that’s  what brought me here when we look at the  ramp that we’re trying to accomplish  over the next 3-5 years it’s just it’s  scary but that’s also the fun part about.


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