A year is completed! You must be feeling awesome. Married life is not so easy after all. If you are far from your loved one this year then you can always order flowers online for them and just surprise them on their special day. 

The anniversary is one important occasion which you have to remember and make sure that you are remembering the future one as well, so just set a reminder for yourself. When we talk about the anniversary it is just a day where you and your significant other can be together and just spend the day reflecting on what your time with each other has been like, the day of anniversary actually lets us reflect upon the time you have spend together with your significant other and how it has changed you in many ways. You finally get the time to spend with your significant other, a day when it’s about you, not like the valentines day but your day. So you must look for a way to make it more special for you and your special one. Just remind them how much they mean to you and how much you love being with them. Here are some gifting ideas for you: 


Combine the photo frames and make it into a larger collage and just put the pictures that you have clicked together with the, this will just be a beautiful way of reminding them that you love them a lot more. The photographs have captured the happiest moments that you have spent together so gifting them the collage made out of photo frames is just perfect for them. They will really be happy after seeing that gift of yours. The photographs are paper and the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper as well so you get to give them something traditional. 


Well, just make a trip possible for this year. You can always go for their favorite destination if you wish to or just go for the place which you always wanted to visit as couples. The place will surely be a change for you and your significant other and you will be able to experience the togetherness as after marriage  the responsibilities are there and you need to take care of it. 


Make the day special with the cake and just remind them about how much you love them and appreciate their presence by just ordering a cake at midnight and just surprising them. This will just lift their spirits and besides cakes are the star of every celebration and you can make them the star of your celebration as well by celebrating the anniversary with the cakes that are there. The cakes are available in many shapes and many sizes as well so you can always go for one for your significant other and just surprise them with that. You can also bake one if you wish to surprise them with something homemade. 


Nothing looks more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers in the hand. What you can do for them is that you can order flowers from the best florists in bangalore & send flowers to gurgaon and just present those flowers to them. These flowers can be anything, if they have a personal choice you can always go for that and if they don’t then you can always go for the roses, tulips and the sunflowers to brighten their day uop on the valentines and just remind them that you are there for them. 


Usually the spas are booked on the valentines day so the best time to just go on your anniversary and just enjoy the relaxing spa with your significant other. This will just help you be relaxed and you will really enjoy the time you are spending there. This will be a perfect time for you to spend and you will just come back relaxed and will enjoy the left over time in a very peaceful manner.


Just surprise them with a skin care gift pack and a grooming kit and just remind them that you love them a lot by showing them some care. They will really love it and will really enjoy it. 

Anniversaries just come once a year so make this occasion special in whichever way you can remind them that you really do love them a lot and just make sure that they go to bed with a smile on that. 



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