Fun Facts About Chocolates

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honey yanibel minaya cruz fPWxYxfBVYM unsplash

If you are an ardent chocolate lover, you don’t really need reasons to love chocolates. You must be aware of how many significant roles these heavenly sweet treats play in your life. And the most astounding thing about chocolate is you don’t really need an occasion to eat one. Many of you might not know that chocolate is made from cacao beans. In order to make chocolate, these beans undergo various processes including, roasting, cracking, winnowing, and finally processed into these sweet delights. Chocolates work as relaxants and stress busters, as they are known to increase endorphin and serotonin levels in the brain. Dark chocolate is also known for its various health benefits because of the presence of 70% cocoa in it. Unveil more interesting facts about chocolate that will make you go to an online chocolate store right now and grab one. 

Fun Facts About


  • Chocolates can prevent tooth decay


Tooth decay shows up when your mouth plays home to microscopic organisms that transform sugar into acids, further, destroying the tooth’s surface causing cavities. The antibacterial specialists in cocoa beans will, in general, repress the development of these bacteria and prevent tooth decay. You can choose to have dark chocolate as it contains more cocoa. However, it is not recommended to eat it every day. 


  • They are not meant for pets


Chocolates can be dangerous for your pet as they contain cocoa and a toxic ingredient called theobromine. Pet’s metabolism is not that intact to process this component. Only human’s metabolism can easily digest it, not pets as it builds up toxicity in them.


  • Growing a Cocoa tree is no joke


Cocoa trees take about 1 year to produce pods equivalent to making 10 small chocolate bars. It is no joke to grow a cocoa tree. It takes a lot of care and the right atmosphere to grow one. 


  • Once in history, Cacao beans were used as a currency 


In prehistoric times, the Aztecs valued and loved the beans so much that they used to use beans as currency. During the tenure of their civilization, it was legitimately used as a currency for trade and other purposes too.


  • Chocolate has a special melting point


It is said that chocolate has a special melting point because it is the only edible substance that melts at around 93°F. It is just below the body temperature that is why chocolate melts right away when we keep it on our tongue. 


  • The Hot chocolate was the first-ever chocolate treat


Many of us aren’t aware of this fact that hot chocolate was the first chocolate treat ever served. In Aztec and Mexican culture, Cocoa was brewed to make hot chocolate and served in Ceremonial occasions like weddings. Though the hot chocolate might not be similar to what we have now. 


  • Cacao trees are almost immortal


It is said that Cacao trees have a life of about 200 years, which means they are almost immortal. This is an impressive fact about the tree, and they typically make beans once in 25 years of the lifespan. So, we can say that a tree can provide beans, like 8 to 9 times in their whole life. 


  • While chocolate is not a chocolate


White chocolate does not contain any Cocoa solid or liquor there it isn’t chocolate. In a strict sense, it is clearly not chocolate as there are no parts of cocoa in it. But, they do contain Cocoa butter which is why they are known as chocolates. In actuality, they are not. 

In Final Words

Every chocolate lover would love to learn about these amazing facts about chocolate, and reading will make you have one right now. So, what are you waiting for? Visit an online chocolate store now and grab chocolate for yourself or your special someone. 


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