Damage to the roof of a house can be caused by plenty of reasons. To solve this issue, various precautions and remedies are taken. Installation of gutters is one of the most efficient ways to reduce the chances of roof damage. But proper maintenance is important to keep the gutters in good condition. If not consulted properly, even minor gutter leaks may lead to roof damages and interior leaks. In the worst situations, the gutter replacement will be the only resolution. Before getting the gutter installed, there are a few things one should consider. First, let’s look at some facts and features concerning gutter.

What is a Gutter and Why?

A gutter is fixed under the edge of the roofs for carrying water to the ground. Installing gutters help to protect the house from rainwater. In addition, a gutter system helps in reducing moisture damage to windows, interior walls, etc. There are different gutter options from which one can choose the most suitable one for the roof of their house. The professional can make the measurements and fix a gutter system according to the needs.

How does it work?

The rainwater shedding from the roofs is collected by the gutters and directed to the downspouts. Downspouts carry this water to the ground level. But there is a chance for this water to crack the foundation if not properly channelled. It can even cause structural damage to the foundation. 

Types of Gutters

Nowadays, the commonly used type of gutter is aluminium, which is most resistant to rust and leak. Another popular option is copper gutters that are a little expensive. Steel gutters are not very popular as they rust timely. Vinyl gutters also eventually crack, making them less popular. One can add filters, guards, or screens to the gutter system for additional protection. These extra add-ons will also help to reduce the chances of water clogging.

Gutter Maintenance

The gutter should also be properly maintained to avoid chances of damage to various areas of the house. The obstructed or damaged gutter will pose a threat to the roof and the house. Different steps should be taken to solve this issue. It is advised to inspect and clean the gutter system yearly, preferably during the fall. If the house is situated in a place with many trees, maintenance should be done more than once. 

For cleaning a gutter system, one needs only a few things:

A bucket, a ladder, a hand shovel or gardening trowel, and gloves. While cleaning the gutters, always check whether there are any leaks. There is a chance for occurring leaks in the joints. Therefore, constant inspection is needed for older gutters. New ones are made in such a way as to minimize potential leaks. If there is any leak found, repair it using a gutter-sealing spray. It is always advised to have a professional visit to inspect if any potential leaks need sudden and proper repair. Only after that think about advanced remedies like gutter replacement.

Gutter Replacement

If the gutters are in the worst condition, with leaks, visible damage, or broken downspouts, it is already time for replacing the gutter system. Make a professional inspect the condition of the gutters and take proper replacement measures. There are plenty of new options from which one can select the best gutter system for their house. 


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