Here Are The Best Platforms To Sell Used Computer Parts

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Many people did not know where to sell their old computer parts. The truth is that you can earn real money by selling them. It takes different components to make a computer work. Many users want to get rid of their old computer parts after using them for a long time. But they did not know what to do with this leftover equipment. You can dismantle your computer and sell its components. It is better to sell your PC in parts rather than in whole. Also, it takes knowledge and time to sell these components for the money.  

You can sell your used GPUs, CPU, RAM, Motherboards, PSUs, SSDs, and HDDs. People can wipe or back up data from their old storage devices before selling them. Many platforms deal in used computer components. In this article we will tell you about the best sites to sell your computer used parts: 

Best Sites To Sell Used Computer Parts

Below, you can check where you can sell your old computer parts for good money:

1. Reddit 

Reddit is the perfect place to sell your used computer parts. This platform has different Subreddits that deal in plenty of computer components. They will give you good money for your used PC parts. It is good that you can stay anonymous while selling these parts on Reddit. Remember that you can first get money before sending your used PC parts. 

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a secure place to sell your used computer parts. Here, you can find buyers in your local area. There is transparency in this marketplace regarding the transactions. Here, you can sell your GPUs, CPU, RAM, Motherboards, PSUs, SSDs, and HDDs. Facebook Marketplace allows users to receive cash, check, or PayPal. 

3. SellGPU

SellGPU is a platform specially made for selling used computer parts for money. Here, you can earn money by selling your old GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD cards, and more. They are well-known in this industry as they provide cash in less time to their customers. You need to create an account by filling out a form with SellGPU. After that, you will receive an instant quote that includes the value of your used computer parts. 

4. eBay

eBay is another famous platform where you can find buyers for your old computer parts. Here, you can expect genuine purchasers who will give you the best value for your used PC parts. They will connect you with buyers in your local area. Also, you can find people globally who can purchase your old computer parts. But, sellers have to bear some fees.

5 Craigslist

You can also try selling your PC parts on Craigslist. This platform is best for finding buyers for used computer parts. Also, it is perfect for selling these parts in your local area. People do not need to bear more shipping charges and extra fees to sell their PC components. You have to create a profile to sell anything on Craiglist. 

6. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld is a secure platform to trade old PC parts. The best part is that they receive the computer components and send checks after verification. Here, people also purchase old parts. They provide an instant quote to the sellers after the registration process. After that, you will receive a shipping label, and you have to pack your PC parts and send them to BuyBackWorld. 


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