Drying Oven

The comprehensive developments in both historic and present contexts elucidate that oven are consumed in both global and regional market. Generally these are Electrical Appliances which use dry heat to sterilize and control the temperature.

Purpose of Hot Air Oven-Dry heat sterilization done damages the oxidizing molecules leading to the organism’s death. The Hot-Temperatures used in Hot Air Oven is to destroy micro-organisms and bacterial spores and sterilize equipment over long periods of time. Sterilization Temperature is nearly about Celsius 60°C for 1 hour, 170°C for 30 minutes and 180°C for 20 minutes. Oven is allowed to cool gradually for about 2 hours or up to 40°C before the door is opened.

Capacity of Hot Air Oven often varies with the purpose and equipment of the owner. The use of electricity depends on the usage of these ovens country to country. The Hot Air Ovens have a high range of usage. 

Mechanism of Hot Air Oven- Commonly sterilization include physical methods and chemical methods. The Hot Oven appliances are basically made double walled insulation keeps the heat in and conserves energy with some air filled in- between the two layers of Oven. It works on the principle of conduction where heat is absorbed by the exterior surface of an item and then passed inward to the next layer. The inner layer being a poor conductor and outer layer being metallic. An air circulating fan is fitted with the adjustable wire mesh plated trays or aluminium trays. The air circulating fan helps in uniform distribution of the heat and also responsible for the controlling the temperature and time.

Industrial Use of Hot Air Oven- Hot Air Oven are fundamentally smaller in size and they use dry heat instead of moist heat thus this makes them more suitable to be used in a laboratory environment. The Hot Air Oven are used to sterilize apparatus, equipment and materials used in the medical field and industry. Some of the common examples where Hot Air Oven are used in Laboratory are –

  • Surgical dressings, rubber items, or plastic material,
  • Some Glassware mainly like petri dishes, flasks, pipettes, and test tubes,
  • Some Powders Materials  mainly like starch, zinc oxide, and sulfadiazine,
  • Materials that contain oils,
  • Some of Metal equipment mostly like scalpels, scissors, and blades.


As far as Medical Industry is concerned the simplified methodology for sterilization is delivering High-Heat-Treatments to the products. EIE Instruments are popularly known for Advance Equipment’s and Appliances for Health-Care and Medical Industries but majorly the company is famous in the Markets for best Hot Air Ovens.

EIE Instruments are the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India by providing easy mobility of large hot air ovens and also with caster wheels for braking system. The EIS Hot Air Ovens Chambers are easy to clean and also doesn’t affect the Environment at all.

The brand- EIE Instruments has a great experience in Hot Air Oven with as per ISO standards. Meeting all performance standards and equipping with enhanced safety features EIE Instruments Electrical Hot Air Oven are the best throughout India and worldwide and are considered most reliable forced air drying machines.

The Company makes make hot air ovens in various temperature ranges, which is controlled through microprocessor based PID temperature controller. Besides designing the latest designs and attractive designs The EIE Instruments has a temperature protection device commonly as Thermostat which keeps your oven and samples safe in case of controller failure.

EIS Instruments Pvt. Ltd are enjoying its successful journey since 1977 in the market from Gujarat. For more information please browse at 

www.eieinstruments.com and enjoy the discounted deal for Hot Air Oven.


To Understand the Impact of Covid on Hot Air Oven- There are multiple saying but the practical fact is that the Hot Air Oven with other Semi-Conductor Devices are rapidly increasing and thus by now there are many brands and players in the Market. The Industry along with the consumption- production ratio are growing tremendously. However with the slow-down in the World-Economic Growth has tried and maintained a relative optimistic growth over these Months since the Lockdown was imposed. The Hot Air Oven industry has also suffered a certain impact comparing with the base year 2019.

Some Prime Leaders of Hot Ait Oven- In addition to this there is a SWOT Analysis done which captures the dynamics of the market and name some of the leading players in the market for best Hot Ait Oven such as EIE Instruments, Accumax India, ACMAS Technology Ltd., Bionics Scientific Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Digisystem Laboratory Instruments, Labcon, Macro Scientific Works, MRC Ltd., Steriocox Steriliser System and Remi Group. Over the years manufacturers are successful in developing the Hot Air Oven.

Types of Hot Air Oven– The most effective Hot Air Oven are Forced Air Hot Oven and Static Air Hot Oven which can maintain a constant temperature throughout the oven.

Regional Framework-The Acquiring Markets, segmentation based on various parameters and the prevailing market landscape the Hot air oven manufacturers india are popular and widely used in regions of Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America followed by North America.


The Modern Understanding and Practical analysis says that Electrical Appliances and Semi- Conductors are ruling the market preferably in both the sectors Domestic and International respectively. Almost all of today are dependent on Electrical Appliances and Devices and has become the integrated part of one’s life. 

However one of the most common disadvantage of Hot Air Oven is that some organisms like prion may not be killed but this Electrical Device is a very effective method that kills all microbes, spores and viruses and thus is widely used in Industrial Laboratories and Medical Industries.


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