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If you’ve read 100 pages in ten days, you can’t expect to recall all of them when you sit in the examination hall in the next ten days.

You might not be able to recall even half of what you cooked. This occurrence must have occurred in one of your prior tests. And you will never want the same thing to happen again in the tests that will determine your career.

This is where a mock test comes into play in your preparation. Mock tests allow you to review the entire syllabus while narrowing it down to the most crucial areas. Mock tests can be used as a pre-exam to offer candidates a reality check on where they stand in the competition and to identify any gaps that need to be rectified before exams.

Mock examinations are constructed in the same format as the original exam, including the curriculum, topic repetition, time limit, number of questions to be attempted, marking method, and all other details.

Every year, about a million candidates take the JEE Main exam. Students who take this exam seriously begin preparing early. One of the most significant JEE Main preparation tips is to take practise tests. This step is really beneficial, yet many students overlook it. Mock examinations and sample papers are supplied to students who enroll in coaching centers. They are also advised and made aware of the advantages of taking practise tests. Those who were unable to attend these institutions for various reasons, on the other hand, do not completely comprehend the purpose of mock tests.

So, here are some of the reasons why you should certainly include JEE main mock tests in your preparation:

  • Recognizing the Pattern

Before applying for any entrance exam, the candidate should be familiar with the exam format. You may be familiar with the JEE Main syllabus, but you must completely comprehend the kind of questions, level of complexity, marks for each correct and erroneous answer, and so on. Giving practise tests will aid in the cleaning of these areas. Most importantly one must have set a strong goal in mind that he/she can do it.

  • Recognizing Important Topics

How can one recognize important topics? By reading the syllabus!  Many candidates assume that reading syllabus is just a waste of time and they just buy books and go along with whatever is there. One must read the syllabus and note down the easiest and the toughest ones and study accordingly. Practicing a lot of JEE Main sample exams will give you a good understanding of which topics have the most questions and which have the fewest. This will aid in the organisation of your study schedule.

  • Evaluation of Performance

Giving mock examinations will allow you to acquire a report on where you excel and where you fall short. You assess your own performance and seek to improve it. Mock tests will help you decide where to focus your learning.

  • Increase your speed and accuracy.

Giving more and more mock tests will improve your quickness and manner of response. Being just fast and finishing ahead of schedule will not get you good grades. You must respond promptly and accurately. That will be handled by a mock test. It will continue to improve your speed and accuracy in answering questions. Many students give up after 1 or 2 days thinking they didn’t get good marks in mock tests and are not eligible for the exam. Maybe the first day he or she won’t score good marks, but the second day he or she will see slight improvement in marks and finally in third day the marks will be much better than the first. It is all about trusting the process.

  • Time Administration

When taking an admission exam, time management is essential. As everyone is aware, applicants get three hours to finish the 90 questions in JEE Main. This exam is computer-based, and you must answer the questions quickly. Giving mock tests will assist you in identifying your skills and weaknesses. You will be aware of your strong and weak points. To prevent negative marking, you should only tackle questions on which you are certain. Leave a question if it is taking too long to answer. Don’t waste time on a question that may or may not provide a correct answer. Mock tests will assist you in controlling how you respond to questions.

  • Motivation

When students are prepared for a test, they may experience significant anxiety. They become nervous about taking the exam and have second thoughts. Giving mock examinations would immerse them in the mindset of the actual exam while keeping them in a comfortable environment. Practicing more and more will minimize the aspirant’s fear and enhance his or her confidence.

  • Increased Probability of Success

The more times a student takes a mock test, the better they get each time. Those that ignore this practise and do not administer a mock test have a higher success percentage. To acquire top grades in JEE Main and get enrolled in a decent college, you must take mock exams as they help you in providing so many benefits for the exam and make the preparation easy. But one cannot be totally dependent on mock tests, yes it increases one’s probability of success but this is just one part of it. The other parts depend on the candidate itself such as studying hard, problem solving etc.

  • Keeping mind at peace

Students apart from studies need breaks too for their well being. Being too much engrossed in studies affects one’s mental health. Playing light sports or cooking or going out with their family can help them to a greater extent.


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