How long does it take to get a Security+ certification?


The time you have to do a task is often the time it takes to complete it. It applies to something as subjective as exam preparation, in particular.

You have enough time to succeed but not enough time to overthink, burn or get bothered. Since most certifications require multiple examinations, the total study commitment to an exam is only a simple matter of multiplication. Here’s you can know what is CompTIA Security+ certification and how long it typically takes to earn.

What is CompTIA Security+ certification?

CompTIA Security+ is complete certifications that authenticate the essential information needed to carry out mainstay safety functions and conduct an IT security occupation.

CompTIA Security+ is the candidate’s first security certification to earn. It set up the fundamental knowledge necessary for any position in cybersecurity. It provides a benchmark for intermediate cybersecurity jobs. Security+ incorporates best practice for practical troubleshooting, which guarantees that applicants have the necessary security skills to resolve problems:

  • Assess the company’s security posture and recommend and implement adequate security solutions
  • Awareness of laws and policies applicable, including governance, risk, and compliance principles

You will make the CompTIA Security+ certification by transitory one exam consisting of which has the multiple-choice and performance-based questions. Read more about some common sense advice to increase the chance of successful completion of your examination and achieve CompTIA Security+ status.

The CompTIA Security+ exam is a boon that deliver smooth performance in all possible ways. The test uses different types of questions to check your knowledge in specific areas, including the following:

  • Able to check the Securing applications, networks, and devices
  • Notify the Risk management
  • Detects the Threat analysis and response

Well, preparation is still your best bet to achieve a positive test result, namely the passing of the test and earning the award of CompTIA Security+ certification.

How long does the CompTIA Security+ take?

The certification exam isn’t a joke. If these were extremely simple, everybody would have certifications in frames that fit their walls, which would be meaningless. It should be an accomplishment that indicates how significant and more generous you might go. Certifications distinguish you from the rest of the crowd. People learn in distinct intervals and ways. Usually, most people take the Security+ test study to complete for 30 to 45 days.

In short, this answer is not simple, as everything depends on how much you know already, how much you must learn, how rapidly, and when you feel confident enough to have the exam passed.

For example,  some classroom training utilizes CompTIA Security+ materials. They include best solution for managing them for several times.  One can easily establish information regarding the months or anything else easily. It takes place an vital role for identifying quick solution for tracking and control over risks. 

The CompTIA Security+ test is not simple to pass, as with most other tests for professional certification. But this challenge will pay off well: among other IT security professionals, you will be able to stand out because the certificate shows you know how to respond to incidents and alleviate the risks before security issues first happen.

The allotted exam time is 90 minutes. All are different, and it isn’t about speed when taking the exam. Go confidently into the examination and answer the questions to feel at ease while keeping in mind that the exam includes a maximum of 90 questions.

Ways to study for the Security+ certification exam

Do you need a  certified as CompTIA Security+? Following are a few great tips and tricks to prepare for the exam to get the certification on your first attempt.

  • Training classes: The most complete and efficient way to prepare for certification is to participate in a training program. There is a specific cost for a certification course, but the training is intended explicitly to pass this test. You will be exposed directly to the material that will be on the test. Because the examinations are changed periodically, the training is provided up-to-date on changing technology. Some online materials may be outdated. 
  • Free study materials: Free online study materials and practical examinations are available as stated above. It utilizes best solution for finding a best thing for tracking needs forever. It utilizes the best thing for clarifying needs. The best way to find weak spots is to test them early and frequently. As the materials are free, why not use them to add additional content. Check the materials in small steps and take all available practice tests immediately. It will identify areas for further study.
  • Study guides: You can find books and study guides online. They usually are pretty good and contain more than just testing information. They examine questions and often include sample examinations. Some even give access to the frequently updated online libraries and increase the number of materials you can access after the book is published.
  • Devise a plan: Set an objective to take the test in a specific period. Over 30 to 45 days is an appropriate timeframe if you already know the exam material. If someone has zero IT experience, then 60 days may be better. The examination is divided into various fields. Try to master each domain by percentage and divide it into sections you can study within the timeframe. If the project management experiences are concerned, it might even be helpful to timeline the study plan. The best way to take part in certification is by enrolling with a reputable company in a training program.


The Security+ certification may take few weeks or even several months to prepare for the examination, depending on your experience. Know yourself in the areas that are less familiar to you, and put extra effort into them. It is not easy to tell you how long your CompTIA Security+certification will take you personally. Plan to spend enough time to prepare for the exam and make sure that you know the gaps instead of race through the curriculum.


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