How Mathematical Calculations are Employed in Mining Bitcoin?

Mining Bitcoin

An alternative of a banking system, the bitcoin trading is first new currency which is decentralized in nature. funds from one account to another (to carry out transactions) without the intervention of a centralized factor in the middle. 

Mining is a process that is a critical component in the development and maintenance of blockchain technology. For those of you who are beginners, this page explains the types and roles of different components in Bitcoin mining in an easy-to-understand manner anyway. 

Today, the only ones who can update the ledger are the banks that are the controlling shareholders. How do you allow someone to update their book without giving them so much power that they’ll be corrupt or ineffective (lazy) in their work? 

Bitcoin ledger 

The rules of the bitcoin (protocol) system solve it in a very creative way. In the protocol of bitcoin, the ledger is held in a blockchain. And anyone who wants to be a “banker” in the system and wants to update the blockchain can do so by “playing” a random number guess. It will lead to solving a mathematical problem defined and created by the system. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Of course, this guess is made by your computer. It improves the chances of updating the blockchain by “winning the game”, updating the blockchain, and receiving bitcoin in return. So let’s dwell for a moment on the mining process, What’s actually going on there? 

How does mining work?

As soon as your mining computer reaches the right guess and wins the game. It continues the protocol and decides which transactions to group into the block and send it to the blockchain (the bitcoin ledger that you can also read extensively about)? Collecting transactions from the block and sending them to the next system symbolizes the moment of victory. At this moment, you have become temporary bankers on the bitcoin network! Congratulations! 

Once the mining computer created the block, it sends it into the network space so that the rest of the computers can approve it, thus officially entering the blockchain. 

Solving Mathematical Puzzle and Reward

According to Satoshi Nakamoto’s design, You will receive several bitcoins (according to the period in which you solved the puzzle) and the fees for all transactions that entered the block for the time and work you have spent on solving the puzzle, 

So now that you know how mining works, you say to yourself, find free money. With the Bitcoin Era platform, traders are now making consistent gains.

Then why did Satoshi actually do it?

Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the bitcoin protocol, established the mining rules. It will be difficult to guess the answer to the mathematical riddle if the general mining power of the network increases. Thus, ensuring that the system will maintain itself and adapt even as the overall mining power in the network increases. If a large number of miners decide to leave the grid, the easier the riddle will be. 

Mining power and inflation 

The maximum number of bitcoins is 21 million, currently producing about 5.18 million in 12 years. In order not to cause inflation, Satoshi wanted to create a well-balanced or measured entry of bitcoins into the market. The protocol is built such that on average every 10 minutes a new block enters the blockchain, no matter how many reactors there are in the network. 

The system actually created a kind of “arms race” after the best mining hardware and as much poison as possible to significantly improve the chances of solving the puzzles.

Cost of electricity 

The use of electricity is not only for mining bitcoin but also for cooling the components that will get damaged. Please note that with too much electricity consumption, there is also a huge and disastrous impact on our environment. Electricity consumption in any device or mining method consumes a hectic amount of electricity depending on the efficiency of the mining device.

In summary 

As you can see, investments require quite intensive and technologically advanced processes that cross industries and areas. They are yet evident in our daily lives and these projects need some more time to mature in the coming years to save energy. And we will witness real revolutions on this technological basis. That will be the most significant invention of the internet. 


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