How Online Ads Skyrocket E-commerce Businesses


There were around 658 million internet users as of January 2022, which makes it obvious that every business, smaller or bigger, traditional or e-commerce, needs to promote its business online. 

Online advertising helps in delivering the right message to the right target market. As a result, online advertising is expected to keep growing in the coming times. 

The competition in the coming times is making it difficult for smaller ecommerce companies to place their ads online.  

When it comes to e-commerce, online ads are very helpful in increasing sales volume. In addition, online ads help generate website traffic and new customer acquisition through paid advertisements on third-party platforms, either by targeting new prospects or retaining old users who have shown interest. 

Some of the main advertising platforms are: 

  • Google ads 
  • Facebook ads 
  • Tiktok ads 
  • Amazon ads  
  • Snapchat ads 

Online advertising is an effective way to help expand its reach or find new customers for businesses. However, advertising in 2022 looks so much different than in older times. Advertising needs to be interactive and interesting for its users, or they will look away from it after the first time viewing your ad. 

The two forms of paid advertising mostly used for e-marketing are Google ads and Facebook ads.  

Let us first look at the comparison between the two and see the differences. Next, we need to see which one is better suited and useful between Facebook ads and Google ads for online stores.  

Facebook Ads  

Facebook Ads target many audiences as the numbers of users on the platform are available. Through successful strategy and positive branding, we can see a positive return on investment from Facebook ads. 

Facebook has different types of users available on its network, which helps deliver the right message of the advertiser to the right audience. You can promote your website by posts or by making pages. 

Facebook ads are more suited for traditional businesses or online stores which are low in scale.  

Google Ads 

The return on advertising spend is around 2:1, which means your business will earn $2 for every $1 spent on advertisement. 

Nothing can help drive more sales for any online business than Google Ads. It is also known as AdWords. Google has 5.6 billion users searching their queries daily, and it automatically means more eyes on the advertisements. 

Google ads are suitable for all kinds of businesses, from medium to big-scale businesses. The services are offered under the pay-per-click pricing model. In 2021, Google Ads generated US$257.6 billion from online advertising. 

Summing up 

When selecting the advertising platform, you need to consider the content of the platform published and the ads they publish online. In addition, you need to ensure they display relevant ads on their platform. 

In today’s time, online advertising is playing a crucial role in the success and failure of e-commerce businesses. As a result, online business has started spending a good amount of money on paid online advertisements, and this trend will continue to grow in upcoming times.


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