How Online Lessons Can Encourage Gifted Young Artists Greatly.

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Meta Description: Besides formal classes, get your artist child encouraged with some online lessons. Here’s how you can do it.

Every child has some god gifted talent and as a parent, it is your responsibility to find what they are. During the COVID pandemic situation, children are bound to stay back at their home. You can utilize this period to develop your child’s artistic knowledge by getting them enrolled in online kids drawing classes. There are several platforms like Yellow Class that offer different online activities for your kid, and can access the learning materials from home.

Art can be of different forms. Here’s how an online class can help your young artist –

  • Stamping Art – Stamps for kids 2 to 5 years has always been a great hobby. Through online classes, the artistic abilities will get enhanced and their mere hand stamping can turn out to be creative material. They can learn to make flower pots with vegetable stamping or can learn about bottle cap stamping art.
  • Learn a special art form – Here, your child can get knowledge of various art forms from different parts of India and the world. For example, Warli art, a tribal art form of ancient Maharashtra, or Mandala Art.
  • Doodle Art – Children doodle classes not only helps them to learn a new art form but also helps in building confidence, enhancing concentration and creativity talents, also boosts up their imaginations skills.
  • Learn easy watercolor paintings – If your child has already mastered crayons and is looking forward to watercolor, don’t waste their time, and let them take up a course. It will help in building confidence and talent.
  • Basic drawing classes – They help your child to develop their artistic sense with some basic drawing and step by step methods. This clears out their knowledge and helps them to develop into a future artist.
  • Mythological painting – This can attract 7-12 years old kids especially those interested in mythological tales. This program expresses your favourite folklore on the canvas and encourages their optimistic approaches and creativity skills. 
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Art is a way of reducing the stress and anxiety of your child. As most of the time, they are locked up at homes there remains a chance of emotional disturbance. Parents must enroll them into some hobby classes, to get them involved in something all the time. Kids’ indoor activities must be scheduled by parents so that it doesn’t hamper their formal education. Hobbies are a necessity these days. Online classes have made learning things simple and convenient. Your child doesn’t get tired easily as they don’t need to travel around to get a class. Moreover, they are safe at home during the pandemic situation. Also, it is a great opportunity for introverted kids, who don’t prefer crowds or more public interference. They can take up more than one class if they want. These courses are generally for the short term and are conducted by experienced teachers. As a parent, you can know your child’s progress and find more about their interests.


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