How to make online Spanish lessons fun – a guide for tutors!

Spanish lessons

If you are a tutor who wants to keep their classes fun and engaging, you may be constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to have your students stay focused during long lessons. If you are teaching a boring topic, your students will feel the boredom emanating from you and the lesson and they will not be able to pay attention. However, if you make a boring topic fun by using creative ideas, your students will match your energy and enthusiasm!

When brainstorming new ways to keep your classes fun, you might end up getting in a rut. Instead of always playing the same types of games or using the same structure over and over again, you might need to come up with innovative methods to keep your classes fun, exciting, and unique. 

3 ways to make online Spanish lessons fun and exciting!

There are an infinite number of ways you can make your online Spanish lessons fun, exciting, engaging, and dynamic to keep students entertained and ready to learn new topics. Instead of doing boring worksheets and flashcards, you can come up with new ways to keep your students’ minds engaged and focused on the lesson at hand. Visit the site to find more job opportunities for you.

Here are a few ways to make online Spanish Lessons more engaging to your online students. Keep your students coming back for more with dynamic lessons that challenge them while remaining fun, interesting, and interactive for people of all levels! 

Boom Cards

Bom cards are a more dynamic and fun way to learn Spanish lessons when compared to typical flash cards. You can use these cards and online activities that help teach the language basics, such as verbs, vocabulary, subjects, reflexive verbs, and other tough concepts that will help your student learn difficult lessons.

Boom Cards offer various benefits to regular flash cards, such as mini-lessons, audio files, and interactive worksheets that can make your students love your online Spanish lessons.

Youtube Videos

Consider adding YouTube videos in your lessons to show real-life speaking examples of Spanish in conversions. Instead of just telling your student what a Spanish person would say to another, you can show YouTube videos of real-life conversations so they can get a good idea of what conversational Spanish between native speakers is really like.

Assign a literary piece or article to read

The final piece of advice to make online Spanish lessons fun is to assign a reading homework idea to your students. Students can benefit from a jump in reading comprehension by reading articles and books from native Spanish speakers. Instead of reading literature in English and then asking your teacher to translate it, students will have to do the work on their own to comprehend and understand a story.


As a teacher, there are many ways you can make your online Spanish lessons fun and engaging for people of all ages and levels! When coming up with new ideas, consider using advanced flash cards, YouTube videos, and assigning reading literature to help students fully understand difficult concepts.


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