How to Plan the Ultimate Christmas Movie Marathon

Christmas Movie

There are many holiday traditions to look forward to as the big day draws ever nearer. From enjoying your favorite Christmas tunes to taking part in some serious holiday baking, you might have plenty of things on the agenda this year to help put you in the spirit of the season. One tradition that you might be preparing to enjoy with your family this year is that of watching a few Christmas movies together. 

With so many great films to choose from, however, you might be wondering just how you are going to narrow things down. You might need to put in a bit of effort into the planning process, but with a bit of thought, you can plan the ultimate Christmas movie marathon for you and whoever you want to watch with.

Here are just a few tips to help you organize your Christmas movie marathon. You might just be able to start a new holiday tradition that you and your family can enjoy every year during the holiday season.

Plan Your Snacks

One of the most important aspects of any movie marathon is the snacks. Because you are organizing a Christmas movie night, your snacks and drinks should be on theme and ideal for the holiday season.

Make sure that you have plenty of Christmas cookies on hand, as well as some minty candy canes to enjoy. You can also order some chocolate bombs to take your hot chocolate to the next level. Include some buttery popcorn as a savory snack, and you should be good to go!

Choose Your Films

Depending on how much time you have to dedicate to your Christmas movie marathon, you might only be able to choose a couple of holiday films to watch. Narrowing things down can be the toughest part of the planning process, though, since there are so many great movies to choose from.

Start by considering the audience. If it is going to be you and the kids, you will want to choose some Christmas films that everyone can enjoy. On the other hand, if you are planning the event for you and your friends, then you can opt for some films that were popular when you were kids. This can make for a truly nostalgic Christmas movie marathon.

Another option to consider is that of planning a classic Christmas movie night. Many of the most popular classic films of the genre have been remastered to improve their quality to make for a better viewing experience. 

Make Some Room

Once you have the snacks and movies all ready to go, the last piece of the puzzle is to ensure that you have plenty of room for everyone to kick back and watch. If you have a sofa that is big enough to accommodate everyone who will be in attendance, then just make sure that you provide some comfy pillows and blankets. If not, then simply move the furniture out of the way and create some viewing space on the floor.


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