How to repair iPhone Bluetooth?

iPhone Bluetooth
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In some iPhone models, the Bluetooth connectivity problem is a very common issue. Apple evacuated the hands-free plug from all models of the iPhone.  This issue means you cannot connect your wireless earphones or headphone with your iPhone. 

In this article, I will tell you about the iPhone repair Bluetooth method, problem and solution and I will tell you how to fix it.

If your iPhone Bluetooth is not working then you should follow these some steps and do your iPhone repair Coventry.

IOS version 

You should update the IOS version. Because if your iPhone’s Bluetooth is not working, then it’s not a hardware related problem but a software-related problem. The problem directly related to IOS.  If you want to set the problem then you should need to first update the IOS. 

Here are some steps to update your IOS:

  1. Attach your iPhone with wi-fi  or internet
  2. Setting>general>software update
  3. Touch it to download or install

Restart iPhone

If the Bluetooth issue isn’t resolved after updating the IOS, then follow these steps. And you can boost your experience to iPhone repair (iphone reparatie oss). 

  1. In the first step, you go to the setting open the Bluetooth, and then toggle off Bluetooth.
  2. Second restart the iPhone
  3. In the third step, you should turn on the Bluetooth and check Bluetooth connectivity.

Attach it with another Bluetooth device

After reboot method if the Bluetooth issue is not resolved and you don’t connect it with another device then you should follow these steps:

You should forget the unattached device

You should connect it with another Bluetooth device to check your mobile Bluetooth. If you can attach it successfully with another device then you should forget the unattached device. 

Open the setting go to the Bluetooth option and tap to I icon and then click the forget device.

Find the unattached device and then try again.

Reset the network setting

If all of these methods the connecting problem is not resolved then you should reset your phone network setting. 

  1. Open the setting and tap to the general
  2. Open the rest and click on the reset network setting
  3. Enter your password and confirm it  
  4. Finally, try to attach it with your Bluetooth device

How to soft reset your iPhone?

If you have still Bluetooth attachment problem then you should try to soft reset your iPhone. With the help of soft reset you can solve many problems like phone crashing, device freezing, ringtone or vibrating not working, etc. 

A soft reset like restarting a laptop or desktop computer. To detect the iPhone fault this is one of the most important and successful methods. Some people think that mobile reset can damage mobile data but don’t worry soft reset cannot damage your iPhone data.

To reset your phone press and hold the power button and home button at least ten seconds. 

When you do this you can see the Apple logo then leave both buttons, your iPhone will start soft reset or boot.  

When your mobile turns on then turn on the Bluetooth and check it with connecting the Bluetooth device. 


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