IPTV Set-Top Box: What Does It Mean?

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Technology is getting better and more advanced as time is passing. Every day we see something new making its place in the market, gaining fame and recognition amongst the masses.  If we talk about the recent technological invention, then IPTV is one of them. 

The perfect solution is the IPTV set-top box if you’re tired of entangling messy wire. You can easily buy it online too. Today, I will provide you with an insight into the IPTV set-top box and what steps you need to follow to install it at your home. 

What is IPTV? 

If you wish to buy and install the IPTV, then first of all you need to be aware of its setup. IPTV is basically a network provider for televisions and it allows the user to access several live channels. 

These channels are the same as the channels your cable would provide. In the case of cable, it uses satellites to deliver those channels but IPTV makes use of the internet to provide this service to you. 

IPTV has become famous in the past few years. It is mainly because one gets to enjoy a lot more benefits than the regular television. 

However, there’s always a concern if IPTV is legal or not. Typically, IPTV is legal but its services may or may not be. It depends on the service provider. Now, if you want to know whether IPTV service is legal or illegal, read on this complete guide!

How Does IPTV Work? 

IPTV might seem flexible to work with, but it has got a lot of parts and requires full knowledge and attention. 

There are mainly three components of the IPTV which need the maximum attention. If you can grasp all three parts, you can efficiently work on them. 

The three main components or parts of an IPTV are mentioned below:

1. Originator

The working of an originator is a very simple and easy process. You can quickly grasp the concept and work on it. 

The originator works by getting different live feeds and providing them to an internet provider. It owns the satellite box and is much more responsible than the other two components. 

2. Provider 

The provider’s role is to get various types of streams from the originator of the first component of the IPTV. They usually do not deal with the customers. Instead, they include and pack the streams. 

The streams are bundled in a list of channels and then they are sold in bulk to an IPTV reseller. 

3. Reseller 

The resellers of the IPTV setup communicate directly with the customers. They purchase various types of subscriptions and channels from the IPTV providers. 

Typically, they purchase these channels and subscriptions in bulk and then sell them. 

If a customer faces any issue while dealing with the IPTV set-top box, it’s the resellers who they contact. 

Do I Need a Set Top Box for IPTV? 

You can easily access IPTV on old models of TVs, but you must have a set-top box for the same. A set-top box is responsible for decoding the digital signal and then immediately putting the resulting picture on your television screen. 

The set-top box can be connected with an HDMI connection or a composite video cable. 

How to Stream IPTV? 

You must have a device that receives and decodes the stream as well as a source that can provide you with the channels etc. There are a variety of devices that allow you to stream easily and conveniently, which are mentioned below:

1. Smart TV 

Smart TVs are believed to be one of the most common sources to stream IPTV. However, we won’t recommend you to stream IPTV. 

Smart TVs have poor navigation, the processing power is less, and it has a minimal number of options for customization. They have to be meddled with to get them to work as we wish. Hence, IPTVs and Smart TVs are not the best combinations. 

2. Set-Top Boxes

Set-Top Boxes are very distinctive from Smart TVs and Mobiles. They are exclusively built for streaming. 

There are three types of set-top boxes to choose from – IPTV set-top boxes, generic Android boxes, and dedicated on-demand Android TV boxes.  All these types are easy to use, they run on a very simple system of plug-and-play and have user interfaces built around streaming. 

3. Mobile Devices 

The only perk of using the mobile as a streaming device is that you can carry out the whole procedure with a single device. 

However, the main disadvantage is that they have a small screen, which is not friendly for your eyes.  

Final Thoughts

IPTV is one of the best ways to stream content. It’s available on various devices. But, to sum it up, a set-box is the ideal streaming device you should choose for your IPTV setup!


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