Know The Actual Difference Between Hotel vs Inn vs Motel

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An inn or hotel is a building used to provide lodging, meals, and other services to travelers and guests. “Inns” may charge nightly fees for their services. A motel is an inexpensive lodging establishment that can be found on the outskirts of cities or towns and typically offer low rates, but which are not usually as well maintained as a hotel. Hotel vs Inn vs Motel is a phrase that is used to clearly distinguish if an establishment is a hotel, inn or motel.

The main differences between the hotel and hotel are as follows-

1. Hotel vs Inn

A hotel is a building used to provide accommodation and food to travelers and tourists. A hotel is mostly rated on a star rating, with 5 stars as the highest rating available. Hotels are also classified according to their facilities. They include deluxe hotels that offer guests access to all amenities, with staff readily available for any requirement, including 24 hour room service or butler service. Business hotels are set out specifically for business travelers who have no time for pleasure trips, and may have limited access to restaurants or other non-business related facilities. Residents of a residence hall do not have the responsibility of sharing rooms with those in the same area, such as those in apartment blocks or dormitories. 

The fees that are charged for a stay at a hotel vary with the facility you choose. They range from $40 to nearly $400 per night depending on the classification of the hotel and complete facilities. Travelers looking for a place to stay can look around online until they find a hotel or inn that is fit for their budget. The most popular hotels in town are also often reviewed online by travelers who have stayed there before. If you do not have enough time to do an extensive research or are in need of your first stay, then you can opt for an inexpensive motel which will provide you with quality rooms and services at an affordable price.

2. Motel vs Inn

A motel is a building consisting of a number of individual rooms designed to accommodate short stays, but there are a few establishments that can be considered as an inn. The major difference between the two is that an inn offers complete services for permanent residents, such as access to a restaurant, bar and laundry facilities. 

A motel provides sufficient room services only, and no other facility is provided. There are more than 300 motels in Sydney alone, which makes it the largest concentration in Australia. Motels are often found on busy highways, and offer discounted rates for long distance travelers who need a place to rest for a night or two.

3. Hotel vs Motel

There is a major difference between the two based on the facility they offer. A motel provides mostly room services and no other facility is provided, while a hotel offers complete facilities including room service, laundry service, bar services, restaurant and recreation facilities. 

The price you pay for your stay also varies depending on this difference. Motels are usually more affordable than hotels due to the lack of additional facilities. However motels often offer discounts during peak seasons, which may be beneficial to those who travel during such time periods.

4. Inn vs Motel

An inn is a small building that is usually rented by permanent residents and therefore has complete facilities. The services offered are similar to those of hotels, but they do not provide other facilities such as a restaurant or bar. The most common types of inns include bed and breakfasts, private homes, guest houses and farmhouses. There are also a variety of lodging establishments that fall into the category of inn, such as motor lodges, log cabins and hunting lodges. Most inns are located in rural areas where there is more privacy for permanent residents than in cities.

Motels can be classified by their amenities as well. A basic motel provides mostly room services and no other facility is provided. There are also mid-range motels, which are categorized as tourist class and family class . Family class motels provide a bit more complete services than the basic motel, including laundry service, restaurants, recreation rooms and 24 hour service. These services make the stay at a family class motel more comfortable than that of a basic motel.

5. The Price Range

The price that you can expect to pay for your stay also varies depending on how many stars the hotel or inn has, what facility it provides and how luxurious it may be. Hotels with 4-5 stars are generally priced at 200 USD or above per night when booked in advance. You can find many affordable motels at around 50 USD per night via online searches.


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