Magic Items In Mythic Odysseys Of Thores

almos bechtold AJ Mou1FUS8 unsplash
almos bechtold AJ Mou1FUS8 unsplash

I mean, it wouldn’t be Epic Greek mythology if we didn’t have some pretty stunning boons and magical items as well. Correct? – Yeah. so there is a magic items section in this book. There is some kind of there are overt nods to greek mythology like a nod to Pandora’s box with something called the Pexis of female magician Pandemonium. And then you have things that are as epic as there are five, artifacts in this book that are God’s weapons. These are the weapons of five of the gods that are… Have shown up in cards. 

If you play magic the gathering you’ve seen things like Spirit Helios and the bite into fossa. These actually are named artifacts now in the book. And you could be gifted these things or you might find these things or you might have to steal and destroy one of these things. – Are any of them sentient? – Not in that– no, they’re not a sentient artifact. Yeah, but they are… it outlines how you could destroy them, if you had to, and it’s basically it’sown Epic quest to do that. Aarakocra names

Yeah, and so there are ton of fun and they are very powerful items and yeah, you’ll enjoy them. I said this on, I think it was on DragonTalk, or Lore You Should Know, and I will say this wherever I can, but we finally get a magical sling and magical sling bullets, and so I’m– – (laughs) magical sling bullets! – And I am so stoked for this. I think my favorite thing in the whole book. – (laughs) Your favorite thing in the entire book is magical sling bullets? Okay. – Yes, yes. – Do they each do something different? (laughs) – Yes, they have different effects and yeah, it’s a lot of fun, yeah. 

– Basically would be the Sling Arcane Archer. – Yeah, yeah, and I think slings need some love, so– – fair enough. – I will say it wherever I can, whenever there’s a camera on me, I will say slings, slings need more attention. – Wait why do you like slings so much? I want to dig deep into this. (laughs) why do you think slings need more love in D&D? – So a little while, I think a year and a half ago now, my brother bought me asking, a shepherd sling, and then a few months later, Oddly Bill Betam who works on D&D also got everyone in the office a sling, – (laughs) Okay, and it’s very Bill thing to do. – Yeah, of course. Kobold names

So at lunch, oftentimes Adam, Lee and I and occasionally other D&D folks, Oh, we’ll go and sling stones at Sheer’s park. So, and it is the most fun thing ever. And you get a sense that these should before damage is, it’s not necessarily enough for what these things could do? – No, it’s not. (laughs) I grew up, I grew up with slings. – Yeah, I just love them. And so I just, I want to make a character that has an awesome sling. And so this might’ve been a little bit of vanity, but I had to lobby for this thing. – You get to– they stat out all them– the signature weapons of the gods. 

So you get Helios’ spear cursor. And you get Perforosa’s hammer and you get Thossa’s bident, and you get Nilia’s bowel statted out for you and you can check those out. Also, you get to sort of like, magic items as epic quests, and what you need to do to go on these quests, and like just giving you seed things, like basically like destinies, that your character as you roll it up and it’s like at some point you get this epic destiny to go get this magic item that you can use to defeat a monster like Polokronosa or you’d have to steal something from hypophonia, which is like Farraca’schampion Gorgon Medusa thing. So just an awful monster. Goliath names

So these magic items are, they’re stories in themselves and that that magic items in this world and Tharosare tied to the gods, that the magic items have been created by the gods. Sometimes they’re bestowed upon you by the gods. You prove yourself to a certain point, and then God bestows you this magic item and says now with this magic item, you’ve got to go do this epic quest, and with that, you do the quest. and then at the end of the quest, the God may relinquish that sword or that shield or whatever it is, or you may get to keep it. So that’s this– There’s–when I think about this thing, it’s like so much fun for the dungeon master because the dungeon master through the God gets to do so much fun stuff with the, with the players or gets to torment them (laughs) depending on what the DM wants to do like there’s so much space to torment. You may be a champion of like Kara Metro and you’re a ranger and you’re doing all this cool stuff. 


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