Reasons Why Homologous Chromosome Alignments Are Getting More Popular In The Past Decade


As the world is becoming more technologically advanced, genetics and the ancestral lineage of the human race are being examined more closely and in a broader sense. Homologous chromosome alignments have helped geneticists learn about their subjects’ DNA faster and create more accurate analyses of their lineage. This research has shown that these alignments have increased up to 500% in popularity over ten years ago. How many homologous chromosome alignments are possible between two chromosomes? A homologous chromosome alignment is a specific part of the human genome that connects two or more chromosomes together. 

DNA is the main carrier of the genetic information in virtually every living organism. The development of homologous chromosome alignments began around 1962 when researchers began working on theories on how they were created. Homologous chromosome alignments help show correlations between chromosomes as they play an important role in determining physical characteristics such as hair color or eye color. These types of alignments are currently being used by scientists to determine racial variations, identify a person’s geographical location, genetic disorders, and which ancestors were related to the subject.

In order for scientists to determine the origin of a particular race, they must know if the chromosomes are homologous or not. This is important because it proves if a particular race is from Africa, Asia, and Europe. If specific chromosomes share the same homology then researchers can determine that the individuals are related and their race. One of the most common techniques used by scientists is karyotyping, which shows physical variants that are often linked to homologous chromosomes. These physical variants can include hair and eye color, body build, intelligence level variations in different races, etcetera.

Reasons Why Homologous Chromosome Alignments Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade :

1. Environmental factors

Environmental factors are considered one of the main reasons as to why these alignments have become more popular. Environmental factors such as pollution, radiation and chemicals can cause chromosome damage that cannot be repaired on homologous chromosomes. This damage can cause defects in the actual DNA sequence and its inheritable information. 

When homologous chromosomes contain damage it is unable to read and copy itself properly therefore creating errors in the DNA sequence. This is especially harmful because it does not repair itself naturally, but instead requires a special type of energy known as ATP. These types of energy must be available for the cells to synthesize correctly or else no function will take place in the body. This can be extremely harmful to an embryo as the cells that are damaged will not form correctly and the body will eventually shut down.

2. Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is another important factor that has led to its popularity. The overall physical appearance of a person depends on the genetic code their homologous chromosomes contain. This code can cause a person to inherit physical features such as hair color, eye color, skin tone, facial structure, body build and other traits that are often passed on from parents to offspring. The inheritance of physical traits is based on the human genome and its variation which is caused by homologous chromosomes alignments. 

Most of these types of physical traits are not randomly chosen. They are inherited through a specific pattern that follows certain DNA sequences which are sometimes referred to as genetic blueprints. The human genome is formed by four main types of DNA strings which contain the information responsible for our physical appearance and characteristics. These three types of genetic material are the deoxyribonucleic acid, the ribonucleic acid, and the transfer RNA polymerase-1 (tRNA-1). 

Because they help control our physical appearance and characteristics, homologous chromosomes can be analyzed through karyotyping to determine if they contain any defects or damages that can cause changes in physical appearance.

3. Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are also another reason why these alignments are becoming more popular in today’s society. These types of disorders can be easily detected through karyotyping because they often lead to genetic damage on homologous chromosomes. This can cause long term problems such as wasting diseases, blindness, coma, and death. 

When large amounts of genetic damages occur on homologous chromosomes they can cause harmful mutations and defects that can eventually lead to spontaneous abortion respectively. Genetic disorders are very common among humans today and doctors are constantly trying to find cures for them. One common way is through DNA analysis which detects acquired or inherited disorders depending on the environment where the subject lives.

4. Geographic location

Geographic location is another major factor that has led to the popularity of these homologous chromosome alignments. Factors such as radiation levels and types of pollution in an area can cause severe damage to homologous chromosomes. These harmful effects are especially dangerous because they cannot be detected immediately and often lead to long term problems that are difficult to repair. It is helpful for doctors and scientists to determine certain geographic locations because it can help them detect these types of harmful effects on a person’s DNA sequence. This way they are able to save a person’s life before it is too late which increases the chances of survival for any life form.


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