RTP Range in Jackpot Slots Explained

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When it comes to playing online slots UK casino, there are tons of things that we love. Whether it is the epic themes, the addictive sound effects, or the amazing bonus rounds available, there really is a lot to sink your teeth into.

However, there is one part of playing slots that stands out to us, and that is hitting the jackpot! The chances of walking away with more cash than you walked in with completely depends on the RTP% of a slot.

Don’t know what this means? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Read on to find our explanation for the RTP Range in Jackpot Slots!

What does RTP mean?

RTP is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player, and you will find this percentage stated on every single slot game out there! It essentially means the average percentage of deposited cash that will be returned to a player after a spin. Due to the chance-based nature of a slot game, the RTP% is not fixed, hence why it is described with an average. Let’s take a look at the following example:

–        A slot game boasts an average RTP% of 95%

–        This means that on average, a slot player will keep 95% of their deposited cash

–        If a player deposits £100, they can expect to keep around £95 of it if they lose.

–        However, they could win tons of cash which represents the high range of this RTP%

–        Furthermore, it is possible to lost more than 5% of your cash, although this is unlikely!

RTP% is always worth considering when picking a slot machine game. If you pick a slot with a high RTP%, you can make an approximate guess on roughly how much cash you could lose during an unsuccessful spin.

Is RTP% the same as Volatility?

Not quite – RTP% is the average amount of cash that will be returned to a player based on all wins and losses and is ultimately determined by the RNG (Random Number Generator). However, volatility means something different – a slot that is highly volatile means that there will be tons of paylines and potentially progressive jackpots, meaning there are tons of ways to win.  However, this also means that there are more ways to lose, and this means that the slot is volatile and thus more unpredictable than regular slots. This does not necessarily mean that the RTP% will be lower, but simply means the game is more volatile. If you are looking to play slot game that is relatively risk-free, it’s always best to choose a game that isn’t too volatile and that boasts a high RTP%!

RTP% Explained

Overall, RTP% is essentially the average amount of cash that you can expect to be returned to you after a slot machine spin. It’s a great idea to take this into consideration when choosing a jackpot to aim for. We recommend picking a game with a high RTP% and play it tons of times to maximise your session whilst minimizing risk. Smart eh?!


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