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With the passage of time it has been observed that cattle farming is playing one of the most crucial is our daily aspects of life. It is the livestock industry that provides meat to us globally in order to fulfill our diet requirements, but the sad thing is that no one bothered to improvise the livestock sector. Many businessmen invested huge chunks of their money in some way on the other to get maximum profit in return but no one gave even a single minute to think about livestock sector. In this era of advancement and technology where different sectors were grooming themselves to earn good return on investments, folio3 stood shoulder to shoulder for livestock industry and to make their daily work routine simpler and easier, it designed them special beef cattle record keeping forms so that they can easily maintain the out-going and in going of the beef from specific cattle. 

It will be wise to say that livestock industry cannot be ignored in any case, it is the hub that produces and serves us with important nutrition’s required in our daily diet such as milk, cheese, leather, butter and meat. By consuming these dairy products, our body remains strong, healthy and grows at a good pace. Before introducing beef cattle record keeping forms, folio3 team conducted detailed study and research on the daily operations of the livestock that were carried out. Accordingly they designed features in these forms so that livestock team can carry out their daily tasks, these forms are no just ordinary forms they are special forms designed in such a way that can contain detailed data for each specific animal that provides best quality of beef. 

Furthermore, beef cattle record keeping forms also contains features that provide essential information to the livestock owners and companies regarding feeding the cattle with particular diet that will in return offer them with nourished beef and accordingly they can then supply the meat in the market. These forms consist of array of fields so that each one can be filled with specific cattle information such as: 

  • Cattle date of birth
  • Breed specie of cattle
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Temperature of body
  • Mating time 
  • Delivery time
  • Vaccine date of cattle
  • Date of when the cattle died
  • Color of the cattle
  • Meat weightage of the beef

By introducing these forms to the livestock industry, folio3 was considered out to be an angel from the heaven that energized the cattle farming business with latest invention and innovation so that the cattle business grooms and meat can be produced in a more effective and efficient manner. 

Folio3 team gave demo to many livestock companies and businesses who came to know about the benefits of beef cattle record keeping forms, the best thing about these digital forms was that they can be easily integrated to your systems and portals. Once integrated, then you can easily view the progress of what activity is performed on ground and how the animal is behaving. The features are user friendly and easy to understand so it will not take much time to train the employees about their usage, each member of the team can monitor the movement and behavioral activity of each cattle from their work stations rather than being physically present. Furthermore, these forms come along with the built in cameras that you can place on each cattle log at night times and view the activity conducted by the animals in the morning. 

Many livestock owners and companies were impressed with the beef cattle record keeping forms demo presented by folio3, customers started ordering for these tremendous forms and in this way folio3 was enriched with huge chain of livestock clients and their development team was groomed by designing and developing the forms as per the requirement of each client. These forms were digitalized and cattle information was recorded with speed of light without any chances of errors or hassle. 


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