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I am sure you have heard of the software engineer shortage. 

It is expected that by 2020, there will be more than twice the number of job openings for software engineers than applicants.

And while some people are scrambling to learn how to code, there are some skills that might not be as in-demand but can help you get a job if you master them.

This post is about seven different skills that may not appear on your list of things to learn or improve upon, but they can still propel your career forward! 

They won’t make you rich overnight, but they will give you something valuable and unique to offer potential employers when it comes time for an interview.

Here’s the article Macl Edge for this .So, without further ado, here we go:

Communication – Speaking Up!

As a business owner you will be dealing with customers and vendors. 

Both parties will want to communicate with the business owner, but cannot always do so as easily as they would like. 

When it comes to emails and phone calls, make sure your voice is heard. If you don’t hear from a customer or vendor for weeks or months at a time, be persistent in asking them about what’s up and if they need help. 

Let them know that you care and that you want to go above and beyond for them.

Networking – Get out of the Office and Start Meeting People!

Once you have some type of product or service to offer, start networking with people in your community. 

This will enable you to find new potential customers for your business and also help you find people that can become valuable employees after they get a job.

 Be sure to meet with the Chamber of Commerce in your town and go to events where other business owners might be present. 

And if you are able to do it, network with people outside of your town as well, as it can be valuable information they can give you.

Analytics – Keep track of your business!

Now is the time to promote analytics tools to help your business grow. Using analytics tools is an easy way to keep tabs on how your business is doing at all times. 

These tools will allow you to track important things like sign-ups for new customers and orders placed online. 

These statistics will tell you how effective your marketing efforts are and also help promote the company on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Product Development – Get the technology right!

Do not make the mistake of thinking that tech skills are overrated. 

They are not. Becoming an expert in tech is essential to having a successful business, even if you are relying on tech-based products and services to sell your products or services to your customers.

 After all, how can you gather data on your company if you don’t have good tech tools that allow you to keep track of it?

 Learning about tech is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Whether it be Microsoft Excel or Google Apps, pick up something new every so often.

Problem Solving – Keep your business running smoothly

Never underestimate the importance of problem solving skills. If you aren’t able to solve problems with your company, then who will? 

You’ll need to be able to get the work done and maintain a good relationship with your vendors and customers. 

The sooner you learn how to take care of these things, the less time you will spend dealing with them and more time you will have for running the rest of your business.

Sales – Don’t overlook that skill!

No matter what type of product or service you sell, having great sales skills is absolutely necessary.

 Sales are an important part of any business and if you do not excel at it, it will hurt your bottom line.

 If you aren’t able to sell your products and services, then you won’t be in business for much longer.

You don’t need to become a technology expert to run a successful company, but you sure do need the ability to communicate effectively and solve problems. 

Reach out and make sure these seven skills are in your toolbox.

Happy coding!

When not writing code, you can find me at the gym, volunteering or hiking with my wife.

 I’ve worked with over 20 startups and helped them turn their ideas into reality.

 I love all things tech and I can’t stand bullies! Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn and Linkedin and Facebook and Instagram!


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