Students’ Mistakes in Writing That Force Them to Look for Essays for Sale


Writing an essay may not be an easy task. Many students make many mistakes in their papers. However, you can use two options if you want to get a good grade for your essay. The first one is to look for essays for sale provided by a professional writing service. The second one is to read further to find out what mistakes you can avoid in writing. 

  1. The first and most important mistake of the students is that they write their essays according to the same template by which they were taught to write papers in school. That is, they write standardized essays. What do the teachers see in the end? They see hundreds of similar papers! They are written correctly. They are even too correct. But they are dull, stereotyped, timid. The students hide their individuality behind proven literary and ethical clichés that delight their school teachers but, alas, do not impress the college and university teachers in any way.
  2. The second mistake naturally follows from the first mistake of our essayists: the beginning of work for every third student looks like an oral answer in social science. The author starts with an analysis of the basic concepts inherent in the topic. As a result, the teacher reads the most boring text, in which there is nothing new, bright, fresh, original, but only all the same worn-out reasoning, stale thoughts, and cliches.

Meanwhile, a good start has the magic of attraction. It allows you to follow the person who writes deep into the text. An abstract theme comes to life only when the writer bases his or her reasoning on the example of some cases from the immediate environment, his or her own experience, the media. You can talk about abstract things as much as you like, but only a concrete story takes to heart. 

  1. The third mistake is an attempt to starve the teacher: not by the quality, but by the volume of “clever reasoning.” Remember that brevity is the soul of wit. We perfectly understand that a young person wants to express himself or herself, but even venerable essayists usually put all their observations of life and reasoning about them in 600-800 words. Reviewers sometimes receive almost a research paper instead of an essay.
  2. The fourth mistake is the incorrectly chosen tone of address to the reader. When you are 20-25 years old, you should not try on the mantle of an all-knowing celestial. Don’t do this, especially if you know in advance for whom you are writing an essay: for adults and clever people – teachers of a college or university. Therefore, pretentious appeals to those who read your text look ridiculous, strange, funny. I’m talking about phrases like “And you, yes, you personally donated blood to those in need?!”. When a teacher reads phrases of this kind: “Get up right now from the couch and do it!” – then it is completely logical that the answer pops up in his or her brain: “Who are you to teach me how to live?!” Remember, the tone of your communication should be fundamentally different. It should be correct, respectful, with no hysterics. The individuality of the creative manner lies in the fact that behind the examples and facts you have given, teachers see a person, a thinking and reasoning person.
  3. The fifth most common mistake is the heartbreaking ecumenical pathos in the end. It happens when a very young person makes a gloomy and categorical conclusion at the end of the paper. It is a conclusion with the generalization of all the sins of mankind and with an apocalyptic forecast. The worse thing is when a student ends an essay with moralism and divination. Yet, no matter how much you want to broadcast your personal truths, it is still worth discussing the problem the way you do with your loved ones in the kitchen over a cup of tea. Do it with interest, without strain, without pathos.
  4. Not meeting the plan is one of the sixth mistakes and one of the main reasons for getting a low grade. Let’s figure out how to avoid such a mistake. Stick to the following plan: 


How to start an essay? It is necessary to voice the main problem, paraphrasing the chosen topic of the essay, and present two opposite points of view on it. The volume is two or three sentences. 

Main body

In the second paragraph, write your opinion and present two or three arguments to defend it. In the third paragraph, you need to justify the opposite opinion using one or two arguments. In the fourth paragraph, be sure to express your disagreement with the point of view from the third paragraph and explain why you disagree with this opinion.


In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize everything. It consists of 2-3 sentences; this is the shortest part.

Analyze other people’s essays, checking whether they are written in accordance with academic standards: the number of paragraphs, words, adherence to style. For example, you can exchange training essays with friends. In this way, you will have a clear understanding of how to write your essay without mistakes. 

Let’s summarize! Write an essay with an interesting, engaging start. Include reasoning supported by examples from life or the media. Add bright, interesting heroes of the story and details. Stick to the calm, even tone, without moralizing, pathos, overplaying. Adequate length is three to five paragraphs. And don’t forget about the maturity of the author’s position when the topic is disclosed in such a way that it is interesting to read it, think it over, and then retell it to someone else.


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