The 8 Best Resources for Games

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Whether you’re a gamer and unblocked games sports head or not (or even if you are), the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in modern society. In this article, we’ll give you an overview on some of the best websites and apps that can help gamers improve their skills, find groups to play with, and even get into games they never knew existed.

8 best resources for games are:

1. Reddit – 

Reddit is an internet forum. So basically if you’re interested in a certain topic, it could be posted by others in the forum. This is especially useful when it comes to gameplay issues that happen during games, or maybe you’re just looking for that perfect game to check out for free. Reddit is also useful when it comes to game updates. Some game publishers and developers have their own subreddits that they use to provide information and news on their games, which provides you with the latest updates on your favorite games. An awesome website where people share videos, photos, and other media related to video games.

2. Steam Curator – 

Steam is a gaming content delivery platform developed by Valve Corporation. The Steam Curator is an easy way of letting you find new games and also provides you with a number of suggested items to purchase, but they’re not just limited to games. This is a website which allows you to curate games that are highly rated, reviewed and popular. That way, people can find the games which are either cheap, new or old. A site that lets you recommend games to buy. You can also filter by genre and top sellers. This is a great way to find newer games that you may not know about (or don’t want to buy).

3. GamesRadar – 

GamesRadar is a gaming and entertainment media website, providing reviews, previews, cheats, walkthroughs and more. GamesRadar also has its own wiki page where they collate information on a whole bunch of games ranging from new iOS games to old school video game emulators. This site is fast becoming a top source of gaming news. They have everything that you need to stay in the loop. A site dedicated to providing the best reviews, news, and analysis of the gaming industry from both a professional and fan perspective. A great place for gamers looking for reviews of new games or great deals on old favorites. 

4. Kongregate –

A website that has a number of multiplayer games available to play, this website also offers a number of articles and podcasts with the most popular games on the site. There is also a wiki page which has information on some of the past Kongregate game releases and some offline games. A website where you can find strategy games, role playing games and other types of games. An awesome site for casual gamers. Kongregate provides a library of free games which you can play on any device (computer, tablet, phone). The best part is that there’s a game for everyone! From classics like Pac-Man to more modern games such as Castle Crashers and Mafia Wars 2.

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5. YouTube – 

No list of gaming resources would be complete without YouTube. You can find games from all different genres, or even watch gameplay and reviews from famous YouTubers! One of the biggest websites on the internet. On YouTube you can learn a lot about how to play popular games and how to improve your gaming skills.

6. IGN – 

One of the biggest websites on the internet. On IGN you can learn a lot about how to play popular games and how to improve your gaming skills. A website dedicated to providing news and reviews of new and old games alike! They also provide detailed guides of how to beat hard bosses or even just general tips on how to increase your score in certain games.

7. Gamefaqs – 

A site dedicated to providing gamers with reviews, guides, and walkthroughs for a wide variety of games. From shooters to puzzle games, you’ll find all the information you need! A site dedicated to providing walkthroughs, hints, and tips for many of your favorite games. This is an awesome resource for people who are stuck on a game!

8. Wikipedia –

A great website for finding out how to beat games, as well as how to beat hard bosses!

In our next article we will give a list of some of the best articles on the web about video games. An awesome website on general knowledge in all areas of life. This is a great place to find information on anything related to video games. From consoles to developers to characters.


If you’re a gamer and you’re looking for great resources to learn and improve your gaming skills, these are the best sites and apps you can use! It’s also important to note that Reddit is the #1 resource to find groups of players to play with. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t! Visit step-by-step guide on how to get into games or jump straight into it by playing some of the games we’ve mentioned. This article features 8 of the best resources for games so make sure you share it with your friends on social media!


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