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Blogging has been around for a long time. In fact, most bloggers have been blogging since the very beginning of its history, so there is no shortage of advice on camera equipment. 

So what’s the best blog camera? While this depends on your needs and what kind of photography you do, there are a few things to consider, such as how much an image should cost you to develop in order for it to be financially worth it. Let’s take a look!

The best camera for blogging should be one that offers good quality images without too much noise or distortion when taking videos or photos in low-light situations.

 Most pictures you take with your blog camera will be published online, so even if you have the best camera in the world, it won’t do you any good if it can’t upload images. So what are the best cameras for blogging?

The best camera for blogging is one that is easy to use. Unless you are a total photography wiz, keep things simple. 

Avoid automatic settings on your camera because without some knowledge of photography basics, these settings are just going to throw off most photos with poor lighting conditions and overexposing them.

 Read your manual! Getting to know how your specific camera functions is always something that will help you in the long run.

The best cameras for blogging  :

1. Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 is a cheaper alternative to the Nikon D4. While it can’t do some of the advanced features that the Nikon D4 can, it also comes in at a very affordable price.

 Its ISO from 100-6400 allows you to take photos in up to a 1.5 stops improvement over the standard sensitivity range of a regular point and shoot camera. 

It has an infrared sensor for photography in dark conditions and a built-in flash. The camera body comes with two lenses: 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 VR and 55-200 mm f/4-5.6 VR .

The Nikon D3200 has a lot of user reviews all over the Internet. They mostly agree that this camera has an easy user interface, even for beginners. For its price, it’s the choice camera for anyone who is looking for something easy to use and does not require extreme photography knowledge.

2. Canon 77D

The Canon 77D is just like its big brother the Canon 7D. It is an updated version of the classic SLR with all the features you would expect to find in one of these models. 

It comes with Full HD videos at up to 60 fps and burst photos at 10 fps, among other things .

The Canon 77D is a great choice for you if you like to create videos. 

The auto-focus allows you to change your focus while recording and the screen is rotatable for better video recording. The LCD screen can tilt up and down, but not side to side.

 This makes it an issue when shooting from a high or low angle. It comes with two lenses: 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens plus a 75–300 mm f/4–5.6 IS II lens .

Reviews on the Canon 77D are pretty good. The only big complaint that users had was about battery life.

 This could be because it takes a lot of power to run two lenses and the screen (the screen is one of the most power-hungry features of a digital camera).

 If you like Canon cameras, this may be a good choice, especially since it’s half the price of an older version .

3. Sony A7 III

The Sony A7 III is one of a series of cameras that have a full frame sensor and offer an incredible battery life at 1080p/60 fps video recording quality.

 It offers over 1200 shots after just one charge, thanks to its newly implemented Z battery technology .

The Sony A7 III has a clean user interface and offers a speedy autofocus. It’s also smooth in video recording and has no noticeable shutter lag .

 The Sony A7 III also has two lenses: the 55-200 mm f/4-5.6 and the 70-400 mm f/4-5.6 VR . 

There are a few complaints about this camera, such as that it does not have an SD card slot (purposeful, since it is an advanced full frame camera) and that its battery life is not enough for video recording (the battery life of the camera is around 500 shots, but that applies to continuous recording). These are minor issues though!

4. Fujifilm X-T2

If you don’t want or can’t afford a camera with a huge price tag and tons of features, the Fujifilm X-T2 is a great choice for you.

 This digital camera comes with only two lenses: the 18 – 55 mm f/2.8 and the 35 mm f/2 .

The Fujifilm X-T2 is very compact and is one of those cameras that fits easily in your hand. 

It has a simple user interface that allows you to change settings from an intuitive menu that has been designed to be as easy as possible for any photographer to use .


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