The Future of Maplewoodonline Jobs.


What are Maplewoodonline Jobs?

Maplewoodonline Jobs is an innovative web employment search engine, which wants to be the “Google for Jobs!” We are aggregating all jobs from around the Internet into one place. It’s easy to find a job with Maplewoodonline Jobs — all you have to do is enter your location and current profession, and we will show you listings near you that match your qualifications.

Types of jobs are on Maplewoodonline Job:

We have jobs in the following fields: Accounting, Administrative Support, Advertising, Agriculture & Farming, Architecture & Construction Management, Arts & Design, Aviation & Aerospace Engineering and Design Specialist. We also have jobs in the field of Biology & Health, Broadcasting, Business Administration & Management, Business Consulting and Strategy, Building & Housing Construction. Additionally, we can show you jobs in the following fields: Chemicals and Manufacturing, Communications/Media and Computer Software. We also have Retail Sales Clerk jobs, Customer Service and Consultant jobs.

How does Maplewoodonline Jobs work?

We have available a wide range of jobs in all fields, companies and locations. To find a job via Maplewoodonline Jobs, you only need to enter your location and occupational preferences. Our database will then search for matching jobs in your area. Since the number of results is usually very high, it will be necessary for you to drill down by entering additional criteria with each new search. For example: if you enter Silicon Valley as your location and “computer programmer” as your profession, we will return hundreds of responses.

How to apply?

Searching jobs on Maplewoodonline Jobs is simple. You only need to enter your location, your current occupation and the area you are seeking. Since our search engine is centralized, it saves many clicks for you and for us. After you have found a job you like, please check the “apply” link if it’s there. If not, please send your professional resume to [email protected] . You can also submit your resume directly from the job search pages.

Do I need to pay for anything on Maplewoodonline Jobs?

No, Maplewoodonline Jobs is free and always will be. We don’t believe in charging applicants to apply for a job and that’s why we created Maplewoodonline Jobs. We guarantee that all listings are real and credible. We also guarantee that your privacy is protected and that you will never be spied on or sold to.

What is your background?

Maplewoodonline Jobs is the creation of two people: a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Michael Clark and a designer, Gregory Crost. I am Michael Clark and I have been involved in tech startups since 1993. I have been involved in several software companies, including virtual computer rental company VCROS (acquired in 2000) and Unicenter Computing (acquired in 2003), which was an IBM technology audit firm based in San Jose. In addition to experience with tech startups, I worked on marketing campaigns for Yahoo!, GoTo.

Where are the jobs?

Maplewoodonline Jobs have positions in the following cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago , New York City, Houston and Phoenix . However if you are looking for a job in a specific city or with a specific company, go ahead and find them through our partner site (places to apply), which have specific information about each employer.


*Search for jobs by location and profession

*Compare job listings by location, salary, perks and more

*Display a map overview of all listed locations of where you are looking for jobs in your area. This way you can drill down- by entering additional criteria with each new search, if needed (like your education level, preferred employers’ name or region).

*Ability to set up email alerts for your search. For example — if you are looking for a job that is located in San Jose, but want it to be displayed in Palo Alto, we will send you an email alert via Yahoo! Mail that contains the locations of jobs near Palo Alto that match the criteria that you have entered.


* Local Search using Google Maps

* Ability to filter your search by profession or location (e.g. Silicon Valley)

* Ability to compare job listings via the Advanced Search page

* A “Favorites” list of jobs you have previously viewed and saved, so you can easily go back to review them.

* Choose whether or not to notify others of your searches and when.

Requirements: Any version of Netscape Navigator 2+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3+. For more information about Maplewoodonline Jobs, please visit our website.

My opinion:

Maplewoodonline Jobs is superb. I found jobs there just by entering my profession. It’s easy to use and doesn’t crash like Yahoo! or other job search engines. The only thing I could see improving would be more employers posting jobs on their own rather than using a 3rd party site (like CareerBuilder).


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