The inspiration of silicone molding process to silicone companies & silicone suppliers

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The characteristics of the silicone molding process have high discussion value, which can provide inspiration for silicone companies. The process commonly used for the production of silicone products has molding and injection molding, which is more widely applicable to the type of products, has the advantages that other processes do not have but also has its own shortcomings. Silicone suppliers cannot avoid in-depth research on the molding process. This paper briefly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of the molding process for the general customers to understand.

Molded Silicone Products

Molded silicone products are usually put into the solid silicone raw material adding vulcanization agent by high-temperature mold after pressure is applied by the vulcanization machine, high-temperature vulcanization into solid molding, the hardness of molded silicone is usually in 30°C70°C.

The color of the raw material is matched with the color paste according to the Pantone color card number. The shape of the mold determines the shape of the molded silicone products. The molded silicone products are the most widely used in the silicone industry at present. Silicone molding technology is not a simple process, so the strength of silicone companies is very important.

It is often used to make silicone industrial accessories, gifts, bracelets, watches, key bags, mobile phone covers, kitchenware, cushions, ice grids, cake molds, and so on.

Advantages of silicone molding for silicone suppliers

1. It can be made into any shape.

2. High precision, regular and beautiful commodity shape. The appearance of silicone products is an important consideration for silicone suppliers.

3. The colors are bright and can be mixed at will.

4. The equipment is simple to operate, low cost, and quick effect.

5 The product is not easy to deform when molding and has good dimensional stability.

6. Large flat surface products can be pressed.

7. You can save raw materials.

8. Molding can recycle a lot of plastics, especially silicone.

Advantages of silicone molding for silicone companies

1. General machines can only do 500*500mm in length and width, and customized machines can do 650*650mm

2. There will be many rough edges in the production process.

3. The mold cost is relatively high, and the development cycle is 7-25 working days.

4. Long production cycle. The reason silicone suppliers tend to pursue this is that it means a more stable supply chain.

5. Need employees to operate, a large labor force. Choosing the right silicone companies is the first step to success.

NEWTOP is a professional silicone molding products manufacturer, in the silicone industry and has 20 years of experience in precipitation, its own mold room, and its own production. The factory area is 4500 square meters, and the staff is about 100-150 people, which is a large scale in the silicone industry.

Silicone Molding Process characteristics

High precision without flying edge, up to waterproof grade IP68 Application field Liquid silicone is generally combined with the structure of mobile phones and other products through the secondary molding process to form a waterproof structure. The material applicability of mobile phone waterproof structural parts is wide. Metal, plastic, glass, and other materials can be achieved by secondary molding. Liquid glue is also used in cosmetic medicine.


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