The Most Incredible Article About New Technology Innovations You’ll Ever Read.


What are New Technology Innovations?

In economic terms, when i’masoftwareco. invests in new technology innovations, are breakthroughs in science, inventions and discoveries that have not yet been applied to commercial use. New technology innovations can come from anywhere by anyone but they have the potential to change or improve lives in the future.

In this article we explore some of the latest New Technology Innovations. You will find out about a new way of producing electricity and powering a whole house; also some incredible medical developments that could lead to life-changing results for people with cancerous tumors or Alzheimer’s disease; as well as breakthrough communications systems that could provide wireless internet access around the world.

The article also explores a decades old problem – how to turn seawater into drinking water – by using a new method called electrodialysis. And, we also look at a breakthrough in the production of carbon nano-tubes that could lead to the development of ultra-strong and highly conductive materials. We hope you enjoy this article on New Technology Innovations!

New Technology Innovations:

1. A Method for Producing Electricity and Powering an Entire House! What is it? How does it work? New Technology Innovation: Moixa Energy develops high efficiency energy storage and smart appliances for storing renewable energy

What is it? 

A project that aims to create a new type of energy storage, which will be much faster than any energy storage available today. It will allow a house to store solar power during the day and use it at night. Moixa Energy is pioneering a new way of storing solar power on your doorstep. By using a lithium-ion battery, Moixa Energy units will enable homeowners and businesses to store the electricity they generate in photovoltaic panels during the day, when solar power is cheapest, and then draw that electricity down later in the evening when demand prices go up.

How does it work?

Moixa Energy is developing a new type of energy storage that will enable a home or business to store and use renewable energy at night, when grid-supplied power is more expensive. The unit uses a Moixa Energy battery, which contains a lithium-ion battery, which has been specially developed by Volkswagen engineers. Moixa Energy has two types of storage systems: one for residential buildings and one for commercial buildings.

2. New Technology Innovation: How to Produce Drinking Water From Seawater

New Technology Innovation: Nanofiltration

How it works:

Nanofiltration technology can purify seawater into drinking water with a high level of purity and in a fast, easy and economically feasible way. The seawater is pressed through a membrane that is made of nickel titanium (NiTi) powder. The disadvantages of current methods are the disposal of all the waste material, the pollution, and the high cost. Nanofiltration can cleanse the wastewater without any waste, break down harmful pollutants which are often dissolved in seawater, and convert fine particles into water which go through membranes without harm.

The advantages of nanofiltration are its high purity in a short time, and that it can be used anywhere. The system is easy to install and can be adapted to the culture of each person or region. It does not require any new technology; the technology already exists for pressurized water.


· The system involves no additional power supply.

· Its problem solving capacity is higher than RO (reverse osmosis). It is suitable for large populations.

· It has a much longer lifetime than RO. There are no membranes to replace, as they are made of nickel titanium powder and are reusable.


· The amount of water purification is limited, as the technology can only handle 1,000 ml at a time.

· It requires the use of carbonate rock.

· The system requires maintenance and repairs.

3.3D Vending Machine Uses A Modified Scanner To Dispense Snacks, Drinks And Foodstuffs

How it works:

This concept would enable both manufacturers and consumers to allow their products to be found much more easily by having them 3D printed into the vending machine with a scan of the product’s barcode and specifications.

Things to know:

The idea of 3D printing something and having it delivered to your home could provide more convenience in the shopping experience and could also encourage consumption if it feels like a more personalized transaction. Even though 3D printing has been proven to be very beneficial in the medical field, it is still quite expensive for consumers and possibly not very practical with regards to food. The idea of this vending machine may bring down prices by making it so that 3D printing is simplified. For example, someone could make a product which they would have liked to buy but which they couldn’t afford at the time. Or, they might have wanted some sort of candy or drink and simply have never been able to find a store that sells them nearby.


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