The Secret Behind Animals: 8 ways

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Some cultures attribute magical powers to animals, but did you know that there are some scientific facts that have been proven true? For example, the fact that monkeys have opposable thumbs and giraffe lifting boy in the air. If you know any interesting animal facts or want to find out more about these fascinating creatures, then read on!

8 secrets behind animals are:

1. Animals have heartbeats:

They say that down on Earth, there is a heart beating to the tune of your own. There is no way you can hear it or feel its rhythm, but animal heartbeats are different. They are similar to our beat, but when you listen to their hearts, you will feel the warmth in your body and soul. Did you know that all animals have a heartbeat? The fact that is proven true is that it can be seen with a stethoscope. Heart rate is usually around 100 beats per minute. This may not sound like much, but it’s more than we have! 

2. Animals blink:

Blinking is a little different from human blinking. For dogs, for example, blinking happens only once every 3 or 4 seconds, and researchers have been able to see the moment when the eyelids close and open. Animals blink to keep their eyes lubricated and to protect them from injury and dust. They also blink when they are frightened or nervous, or when they’re happy!

3. Babies come with tails:

Have you ever wondered why baby animals have tails? It’s because they are born with them. The tails are not a massive growth, but are instead small and wispy. They grow, then turn into hair over time. Did you know that babies come out of their mother’s wombs with tails? You see, it’s actually an umbilical cord that gives birth to the baby animal. In the beginning, this part of the baby’s body looks like a tail that disappears after a while.

4. Dogs are colorblind:

Did you know that dogs can not see colors? Scientists have proven that dogs have a lot of problems with differentiating between colors. They are excellent smellers and this enables them to detect the slightest change in the air, even though they can not see what is happening. Did you know that dogs can not see in black and white? They instead see things in shades of yellow or gray. However, dogs have a good sense of smell and hearing, which compensates for their lack of sight.

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5. Cows are colorblind:

Did you know that cows have poor color vision? They have cones in their eyes, but they only see blues and greens. This means that they can only distinguish between shades of red, orange and yellow. As a farmer, you must be happy to hear this one! Did you know that cows can not see in color? They instead have a very good sense of smell and hearing, which compensates for their lack of sight. Cows also do not see in black and white! However, unlike dogs, cows have very good vision and can even see faces from far away.

6. Buffalo have horns on their head:

You might have thought that the male buffalo only has a large horn on the top of its head. However, most bulls do indeed have horns. The fact is that the horns are so powerful, they need to be specially grown for this purpose. Did you know that buffalo have horns on the top of their heads? The animal will not just have them, but they can be huge!

7. Giraffes do not walk like we do:

If you’re wondering how giraffes walk, then you should know that they stand on their legs! Yes, this means that their legs are strong enough to support their own body weight. Giraffes do not walk with their own feet! Instead, when they want to move, they fall forward a bit then jump forward. This allows the animal to reach its next destination without falling down.

8. Dogs bark when they see a person:

Did you know that dogs only bark when they see a person? You see, the animal will only do so if it is not familiar with the person or if it is scared. This behavior can serve as a warning signal. Did you know that animals have an organ to hear? They have ear flaps called pinnae and a middle ear. This is the part that contains the eardrum and the auditory ossicles.Did you know that all animals have an organ to hear? They hear with their ears or eyes, depending on the species. Do you know why dogs bark if they see someone? It’s because they are scared! They can hear very well and probably smell us as well so there is no need to bark loudly.


Most of the facts about animals are true. Just because you do not believe it does not mean that it is not a fact! You may have to ask your parents or grandparents first if they know, but once you know all 8 facts, you’ll start clapping your hands and shouting all at once! Don’t be sad, I hear that there are more interesting facts out there.

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