The Ten Secrets About Semantic Seo Only A Handful Of People Know

semantic seo
semantic seo

For those of you who don’t know, SEO is a complicated, tricky game. And even though there are certainly some easy methods to gain prominence in today’s SEO world, the best (and sometimes hardest) way to get ahead is still through hard work and research. If you’re eager to improve your rankings then take a look at these ten secrets about semantic seo only a handful of people know.

1 . Image Rich Content

You may already be aware that images are an essential part of SEO. They function as well-documented links into your website as well as eye-catching invitations for potential customers. But this is not the whole story. You can also use images to give your content an extra boost. Intricate images or popular opt-ins may help you gain greater visibility on search engines.

2 . Use a Keyword Tool

There are free tools that you can use to assist in your keyword research process, but if you feel lucky then there’s nothing better than paid ones. A paid tool will not only provide you with more accurate rankings, but it will also help you to have a better understanding of which keywords will work best for your website, as well as which keywords are high-volume and low volumes. This can help you to steer clear of any potentially bad keywords.

3 . Create an SEO Blog

If you’re planning on creating a blog for your business then you may want to consider setting up a blog on your website as well. A blog that is optimized for search engines will pull higher ranks than one that is not. For the greatest chance of success, make sure that your keyword density matches or exceeds 80%. 

4 . Know When to Use Exact Match Domain

An exact match domain or EMD is definitely an extension that follows the name of your business. For instance, if you own a business called “Carpet Cleaning by John” then you may want to purchase the domain “”. If you already have a website and would like to create a new web property, using the same name as your business will boost your search engine rankings. But keep in mind that it can only be purchased if no one else owns or similar variations .

5 . Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is becoming more and more prominent in today’s SEO world. If you want your website to increase traffic and enhance visibility, then you need to make sure that it is easily accessible via mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets. As cellphones become increasingly smarter, it becomes easier for consumers to search for businesses using their devices. 

6 . Guest Posting

Speaking of attracting new customers, guest posting is a great way to reach new audiences — especially if you’re trying to widen your customer base. This can be done on both your website and other websites. For those of you who want higher results, there are sites that specialize in SEO friendly content that will allow you to post one or two links towards the end of your article.

7 . Co-Citation

Another way to increase visibility is through co-citation. This means finding other websites or publications that are related to yours and linking back to them from your website without any links in return. It’s all about being generous with your resources and creating a mutually beneficial relationship with others on the web.

8 . Keyword Research

Most people will want to know how to do keyword research, but it’s actually not that complicated. There are plenty of tools out there that will provide you with information on search volume.

 You can also try using Google Assistant and Search tools if you don’t want to spend more than five minutes on any given task. Once you’ve found keywords that are high-volume, low-volume and available options, then you can proceed with purchasing more direct-link options for your site (and keywords).

9 . Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the more obvious secrets about semantic seo only a handful of people know. Many people also assume that you can simply go online and purchase search engine optimization. But this is not the case. Anyone claiming that they can provide you with top rankings within a month or two is lying to you. If you want to see success, then you need to work consistently and make use of tried-and-true strategies.

10 . Link Building

There are several ways to link to other domains, but one of the most effective is guest blogging. If you’re not a member of any relevant niche forums then guest posting may be your best option, link building specialist services can help you buy backlinks easily. Link building can also be done by commenting on other blogs, as well as submitting quality news articles and press releases. Another important process is buying domain backlinks, which will litter your site with high-value links that increase search engine rankings.


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