The Truth About the Yaara Bank-Plotkin Divorce Industry.


What is yaara bank-plotkin divorce?

Yaara bank-plotkin divorce is a  specific kind of divorce, in which a wife is “divorced” from her husband and remains married to him. The practice benefits the wife and the husband, while allowing them to avoid paying alimony payments. A growing number of Jews are taking part in this practice.

Anybody is free to get divorced, but many Jews choose this option because it is cheaper than regular divorce. However, even if it’s cheap, there are many dangers involved with such a decision. This article will explore these dangers and explain why yaara bank-plotkin divorces should NOT be used as an alternative for traditional divorce cases.

First, let’s look at the benefits of yaara bank-plotkin divorces. According to the World Alimony Report: The wife keeps her personal property and dowry, which are generally very important for the preservation of a woman’s family. Women become economically independent after divorce, allowing them to enter almost any profession or job and gain financial independence from men. This often leads to their improved standard of living and better health after divorce. (Source: Alimony Report)

Some more facts:

A husband who has been subjected to a “bankruptcy” order is unable to make alimony payments as long as he has assets. When a bankruptcy court declares that he is “bankrupt,” his assets are seized by the bankruptcy trustee, and then distributed to creditors. Once the creditor’s claims are paid, the trustee has to distribute all remaining assets, including the wife’s dowry and personal property (which were also seized during the proceedings). The remaining assets cannot be distributed under any circumstances.

As long as she is married, a wife may file for divorce at any time. However, once she is “divorced” from her husband, she becomes ineligible for financial aid from her country’s government. This includes welfare and the war-torn amount of money, known in Hebrew as “peulot” (This is a financial support paid by the government to divorced women who do not have any other means of income).

Why are yaara bank-plotkin divorces dangerous?

Even though yaara bank-plotkin divorces are cheap, they have all the same problems as regular divorce. The main difference, however, is that there’s no guarantee that you won’t have to pay your ex anything. To make things worse, when a marriage ends in divorce, it usually makes sense for a woman to use her savings to buy something newer and better than what she had before her marriage. And with yaara bank-plotkin divorces, the “new” wife is usually ruined financially. Therefore, it’s very important to be aware of the risks involved with such a decision.

Additionally, before you decide to get divorced, it is important to research what happens during a divorce. What are your rights? Who gets the house? How will alimony payments be calculated? And how long does it take? It’s good to know these things before you decide on a divorce. You might not have any other options available; but at least make sure you are fully informed about what this option entails.

Finally, before you decide to get divorced, you should educate yourself about the subject. You can do this by researching in libraries and on the Internet. You should also talk to other women and men who have experience with divorce. This way, you will be able to understand the complex situation in which your family find itself.

What are the advantages?

A wife is able to get divorced at any time. Divorce is a very difficult process that takes a lot of money and time. Divorcing when you are married is much easier, safer and cheaper than regular divorce.

What are the disadvantages?

It’s very dangerous to legally divorce while still married. Even if you aren’t paying alimony, there’s no guarantee that your ex-wife won’t ask for money from you. Plus, there are many other risks involved with this decision that could affect your life for years to come. If you’re not sure about getting divorced yet, it’s better to wait and learn more about this subject before committing yourself to such a difficult choice.

Why do yaara bank-plotkin divorces exist?

The Israeli government does not permit people to “divorce” within their wedding ceremony itself. There are two reasons for this. First, it would be very dangerous to allow women to make a unilateral decision to divorce their husbands without the knowledge of the court system. This could lead to complicated legal battles, which can cause problems down the line. Second, women aren’t allowed to divorce while they are married; therefore they aren’t allowed to get divorced at all.

Yaara bank-plotkin divorces are a way to avoid the problems associated with marital law. The process is very simple: A woman files for divorce while she is still married. Just like the weddings, the wedding ceremony is canceled, and the divorce begins. Once the divorce is complete, it has taken no longer time than if they were married.

However, in order to escape this judicial system, a husband must pay his wife a large sum of money, sometimes as much as 1 million shekels (approximately 65 thousand dollars). In an effort to save money and protect themselves from lawsuits, many couples turn to yaara bank-plotkin divorces in order to avoid regular divorce proceedings.


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