This Story Behind Education Will Haunt You Forever!


Even now, the idea that children are educated, not taught, haunts me. A few months ago, I wrote a story about how education works in America. It is really great for those who have families and can afford to put their children in schools. The middle class and poor are left with district one schools – home school or learn from other sources at home and then work out at some time in your life what you need to do to educate yourself properly. President kennedy signed education laws to help  is all Americans but they weren’t enforced and the Republican Party has been systematically dismantling them ever since.

Now, the idea that education works to this day and the reality that education is most definitely NOT equal on a national level because of the country’s tax system and lack of funding just really bothers me. This injustice causes millions of people to drop out of school because they cannot afford to pay for it. That is why I wrote about education as a way for someone to rise out of poverty if you were willing to put forth the effort. This article will be one I enjoy writing because it will show what I mean when I say that education isn’t taught but rather served up like a meal at a restaurant. The system is designed in a way so that you will never truly understand how it works until you have been educated through it.

This Story Behind Education Will Haunt You Forever :

1. A Nation of Self-Serving People.

A nation that is self-serving and believes that it is doing others a favor by helping them will never be a great nation. Education relies on individuals to put forth the effort to learn, not teachers or administrators. A selfless society will do what is best for the greater good, while a selfish society will only look out for its own interests. 

Too many Americans are only concerned with how they can benefit themselves personally from any situation and leave everyone else in the dust behind them. When this occurs and people simply have their hand out waiting for something to fall into it, there can never be real progress because people need incentive to work hard and contribute to society.

2. The American Education System.

To see how the education system is being manipulated, you just need to look at the way it is organized in America. You have private schools, charter schools and school choice for everyone who can afford it. It is structured in a way so that a large portion of the money will go to administrators and business owners who have set up their own little businesses around education and keep all the profits for themselves. It is very similar to fast food because they give the appearance of being benevolent but are only interested in benefiting themselves.

These people want to make money off of educating children, but that would be impossible if they actually taught them. 

They don’t want to take the time to help students learn how to read and write, or teach math and science in a way that makes it easy for them to understand. Instead, they just memorize useless information and create tests for you so that you can prove that you have mastered their material. This system is set up like a business because it was created and supported by Republicans who wanted more profits for the rich and less taxes for themselves.

3. The American Dream.

The American dream never actually existed, even though politicians have been saying that it does for the last few hundred years. The system of education that was put into place was designed to keep people in poverty and at the mercy of those who had money. If you were lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family, then you would never have to worry about an education because they could afford to put you in private school and pay for all of your college expenses. 

It is a very effective way to ensure that the wealthy will stay in power because they can send their kids to private schools while everyone else gets nothing but a public school education.

This system is nationalistic, greedy and self-serving. No one in this country can truly work towards the American dream because it is impossible to do so without proper education.

4. Taxes.

Another factor that makes it impossible for anyone to move up socially or economically is the way taxes are structured in America. Our tax system was designed to serve only the rich and make sure that they can carry on with their lives while everyone else stays poor and miserable, doing menial jobs (working at fast food joints) because they have no choice over what happens in their lives.


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