Top iPhone Tricks You Should Know

iPhone Tricks

Apple products are known for being sleek, trendy, and easy to use. And, there is a good chance you haven’t even begun to explore all that your iPhone is capable of. There are dozens of iPhone hacks in your trusted companion’s arsenal that will speed up, simplify, and improve the efficiency with which you use your smartphone. If you don’t regularly update your iOS, you risk missing out on the latest and greatest iPhone tricks. Other than those handy parental control apps, there are many more useful tips you are about to unleash after reading this blog.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your iPhone, check out these top hacks that will make your life a little easier. From simple tips to more advanced techniques, we’ve got you covered.

Why Do People Love iPhones?

It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone is one of the best smartphones ever made, a shining testament to human ingenuity and invention. It has been a decade since the release of the first iPhone, but Android devices have come a long way in that time. When it comes to its hardware, Apple doesn’t rely on processor chip makers. As a substitute, it creates CPUs that are tailored to the latest iPhone. Apple is able to have complete control over the design and performance of its products because it builds its own processors.

Moreover, nowadays, cellphones’ performance relies heavily on the cache. In comparison to RAM, a big cache memory improves the performance of smartphones dramatically. A big high-performance cache on the iPhone makes it less susceptible to latency and system problems than Android cellphones. It is common for ARM processors to have one or two megabytes of cache memory, but the iPhone has either four or eight megabytes of cache.

Best iPhone Tricks You Should Try

Here are some tricks you should be aware of if you are an iPhone user or if you are considering getting one.

Trick #1: Close Unused/Old Safari Tabs Automatically.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a slew of Safari tabs open. Safari, on the other hand, is surprisingly easy to handle. Open up the Settings app, then select Safari. Tap Close Tabs in the Tabs section. You can choose whether your iPhone should automatically clean it up by shutting old tabs after one day, one week, one month, or manually, which leaves them open until you close them.

Trick #2: Set And Lock Your Camera’s Focus And Exposure.

Photographers using digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras are well aware of how simple it is to lock the focus and exposure settings so that they can reframe and recompose the image. On your iPhone, you can do the same thing. Tap and hold on to the screen where you wish to lock focus and exposure in your camera app. This message will appear on top of the screen after some time, indicating that the focus and exposure settings will remain in place even as you recompose your shot. You can use your finger to adjust the exposure by dragging it up or down. Tap anywhere on the screen to remove the lock.

Trick #3: Contacts Can Be Tagged in Group Chats.

Using the @ symbol with their name in a group chat is a great way to catch someone’s attention. To make the person’s name bold and remove the @ symbol, use the space bar or add a punctuation mark. When you send the message, a notification will be sent to the recipient you specified.

Trick #4: Make Flash Light Blink For Notifications.

If you don’t want to look at your iPhone screen or listen to sounds to be notified of new texts or incoming calls, you can use the Notification Center. When you receive a new notification, the phone’s camera flash will flash. To get started, simply follow these simple steps:

Go to settings, then take a look at the General tab (skip this step on iOS 13 and up), and then go to Accessibility. Next, tap Audio/Visual, then tap LED Flash for Alerts. Move the slider to on/green. Also, move the Flash on Silent slider to on/green.

Trick #5: Set A Sleep Timer.

If you want to listen to music or watch a show before going to sleep, you can configure your phone to turn itself off after a certain amount of time. A sleep timer can be readily set up. Open the Clock app and select Timer from the Tools menu. When the timer expires, hit When Timer Ends to stop the music. Select Stop Playing from the pop-up menu, then Set. You may now set a timer and the Music app will automatically stop playing when it does.

Trick #6: Customize Contact Notifications.

Want to know without glancing at your phone who’s calling or texting you? Each of your favorite contacts can have their own customized sound. Make sure you’ve opened up your Contacts app by tapping the name of the person you want to receive a notice for. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the contact’s profile page to make changes. Select a ringtone from the Ringtone drop-down menu. To conclude, press the Done button. For the sound you want to hear when they send you a message, tap Text Tone and repeat the process.

Trick #7: Compress Keyboard.

There are even more hidden gems on the keyboard. The keyboard can be compressed and slid to the left or right depending on which hand you choose to type with if you usually do so one-handed Tap and hold the Globe or emoji icon in the bottom left to bring up the pop-up menu. The right- or left-justified keyboard icon can be found in the menu. To return to the normal keyboard, tap the arrows on the left or right of the keyboard.

Try These Tricks Now

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of top iPhone tricks. You know, other than wacky prank calls to your friends or iMessages pranks, you can enjoy the most out of your iPhone now with these useful and cool tricks. And don’t forget to share with your friends – they may not know all of these tips either!


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