Top Shipping Considerations for Your Business


Your business has spent a lot of time and dollars developing a great product. You’ve invested in marketing and you’ve developed a brand that you’re proud of. If you’re making sales, then obviously customers are buying into your offering and your message. However, if you are shipping products to customers, you can’t simply start celebrating once you’ve made the sale. The true celebration comes when your product is positively received by the customer in their home. For this to happen, you must carefully consider packaging, shipping speed, and cost.

Packaging Your Product

Depending on the type of product you are shipping, packaging may be a relatively simple process, or it may be quite complex. The key consideration when packaging any product is to ensure that it arrives intact without damage. A company’s shipping solutions must account for a perfect delivery experience. Nothing scars your company’s reputation more than having a customer receive a broken product. This can lead to poor reviews and negative feedback. Plus, you’ve more than likely lost a customer. 

Customers value quality packaging and will notice thoughtful touches. Businesses may contract companies to create proprietary packaging that individually fits their product. This ensures that the product is nested into a cavity that fits its shape perfectly, and it eliminates any jostling during transit. If your business isn’t ready to invest in proprietary packaging, at least consider purchasing quality packing products such as airbags or packing peanuts. Utilizing these products will impress customers and show your commitment to maintaining the integrity of your product. Utilizing random cardboard pieces or mismatched filler does little to flatter your brand. 

Your company may also consider customized boxes or bags that include your brand information or logo. These options will invariably cost more than unbranded products, but customers react positively to packaging that is unique, and they are often more likely to remember your brand and purchase again. 

Shipping Speed

Many companies allow customers to choose the speed of their shipment. Customers appreciate the option to receive their product faster if they desire. However, some companies may choose to offer an expedited service such as Priority Mail as the standard option. By only allowing premium options for shipping, your company is saying that the product deserves better handling. The message is that the product is so valuable, that it needs to get to the customer as soon as possible to improve their lives. 

In addition to carrier speed, a company needs to be focused on shipping the product as fast as possible once the purchase is made. In today’s world, everyone wants everything fast. Consumers want to click “buy” and then immediately receive a shipping notification in their inbox. If possible, consider offering same-day shipping or at least next-day shipping. Again, with these options, you are telling your customers how important your product is. You are emphasizing how committed you are to their satisfaction.

Shipping Cost

Establishing shipping costs for your products can take some consideration. Obviously, your customers aren’t going to want to pay shipping costs at all. Many consumers will only consider products that companies will ship for free. However, offering free shipping invariably drives the cost of the product higher. 

One way to drive down the company’s shipping costs is to negotiate volume discounts with carriers. USPS, UPS, and Fedex will all work with businesses to establish lower rates based on the quantity and size of shipments. Sitting down with a representative is free, so it can’t hurt to discuss with each carrier how you can save money. Any dime that you can save in shipping is a saving you can pass along to your customer. 

After investing so much in developing a good product or product line, it’s important to ensure that the customer receives your offering intact. Utilizing proprietary packaging, ensuring speedy delivery, and minimizing shipping costs will all reflect favorably on your company. Consumers will remember a business that not only provided them with a great product but also went the extra mile to ensure that they received it quickly and in good condition.


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