Trick to know if someone muted your story on their snapchat

thought catalog xVRdDDe6M1A unsplash
thought catalog xVRdDDe6M1A unsplash

This article will teach you the tell-tale signs of being muted in your story. 

The first tip is that your followers are not just posting or liking your story — they are not updating their own stories either! This method also includes some other ways to know if someone muted you.

Pay attention to these signs and implement them into your life. 

Once you have mastered the art, use this new information for good by tipping off people who attempt to silence your voice on social media.

 Find freedom in speaking, freedom in being heard, freedom in knowing that another person has them thinking about what you had to say and what message you sent out. 

This is the power of the written word.

Before reading, please know that it is only safe to follow if they are following you back. This means they will see your story and cannot delete the post. 

If the person you want to unfollow does not follow you, then do not follow to know if someone muted your story on snapchat ?

Some Interesting tricks to know if someone muted your snapchat story :

1. What happens when you open your story?

It will say “hey, someone liked your story! (or did not like it)” (See image).

2. What happens when you post the story on your snapchat?

The caption will show up on your snapchat stories description. See image).

3. How to know if people are interacting with you?

  Because Snapchat friends don’t go by the book either.

 They imagine they aren’t doing anything wrong by ending friendships or unfollowing people they don’t want to follow or friends they don’t personally like.

  However, what they don’t realize is that they do not have to follow you back and that if you aren’t following them back, then you can delete them as a friend. 

Snapchat doesn’t tell people how to properly unfollow people as friends.  

Furthermore, it doesn’t tell people how to block or mute or report people for harassment on Snapchat or Instagram.  So pay attention and learn the method of “I might unfollow you” below:

Sign 1:  

You don’t know if they muted your story.  They never liked your story and never posted on their story either.  If they are following you back, they will post something.

  If they are not following you back, they will not post anything on their story. 

 Not that I know of. This is an important sign because people who follow you will see your story and know that the person likes what you have to say.  

They also won’t be able to delete their posts or posts on your story themselves because if someone were to screenshot them, it would say “someone liked your story” even if the person unfollowed you afterwards.

The only way to find out if someone muted your snapchat is by checking their profile like they used to do before snapchat. 

 If they are following you, they will be able to tell you if they muted your story.  If they are not following you back, then you can’t know for sure if they muted your story.


  You can also like their story or post of theirs to make them follow you back instantly. 

Then the likes and the post of why you liked will show up on their snapchat story! 

 This means that someone is actually seeing what you’re talking about on your snapchat! 

Most people don’t know that this is possible on Snapchat, so don’t let people tell you it isn’t.

Sign 2:  

Your friends on your list update their stories and like it, but they never like or update on your story

This means that either A) You don’t know how to see if someone muted you (see above), B) They unfollowed you and still think they’re following you, C) They actually muted your story and want to test you to see if you notice. 

 You can like what they post and tell them that you liked it and then ask them why they didn’t like your story.  If they are not following you back, then this will definitely work. 

 You will have to mention that you are following them so they can unfollow.  

But if they do follow you back, ask them why they didn’t like your story.

This is how I found out that someone muted my snapchat story


  If you don’t want to like or follow their stories, then just wait until the post where they update .  Then comment with your name and why you liked it. 

 If this doesn’t work, tell them “I liked your snap”.  This will work and they will follow you back.

How to know if someone muted you:

This is the easiest method to know if someone muted your story on snapchat. 

 First, like every other social media platform, Snapchat has a way of seeing if they muted you or not.  They don’t check to see if you unfollowed them or didn’t follow them back.

  They just look at your snapchat followers and see if they are following/following back YOU and not everyone else.


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