Ways to get back in the blogging game

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I have my own blog,and im bringing blogging back  and I want to share what I have learned with you. I am also starting a blog series called “How to get back in the blogging game” that will teach beginners everything they need to know about blogging, especially if you are just starting out.

There are so many blogs out there that it is easy for newcomers like us to get lost in the blogging jungle. We all want the same thing: more traffic and more views on our blog posts. 

So let’s get back together! With these six simple steps, we can start creating content again and building an online empire out of our thoughts (and maybe some other people’s thoughts too!).

Step 1- Find A Niche

Nowadays, blogging is more than just writing about things you like or exploring your passions. You want to make money with your blog, right? We all want to earn an income from our efforts.

 That’s why people are building their blogs with an intention to make them profitable.

 Many of the bloggers I know are making great money on their blogs by using affiliate marketing tactics and promoting other people’s products in different ways. 

Here is where the niche comes in. 

Most bloggers will focus on a specific niche so they can earn more money by targeting a smaller audience who will have similar interests or problems or solutions for them.

Once you pick your niche, you will be able to understand your readers better and make more money with your blog.

Step 2- Get Domain Name And Hosting

Now that you know what kind of blog you want to make, it is time to get a domain name and hosting for your blog. 

If you are not familiar with domain names and hosting, then don’t worry at all because their services are easy to use.

 You can buy them together or separately. Buying them together is cheaper since they go on sale often. 

Your hosting will determine how fast your site loads on visitors’ computers. It can even determine how much technical knowledge you need to run your web site or blog.

I highly recommend using Bluehost. They have a free trial so you can see what hosting is like for your blog before you buy it.

 If you choose to buy them together, then I recommend that you go with SiteGround and get their $100 coupon code when it is activated. Bluehost and SiteGround are both rockstar hosts with rockstar customer service.

 When you get it from Bluehost, the coupon code is already activated.

Step 3- Getting Content Ideas

Now that you have your domain name and hosting, it is time to start creating content for your blog. 

Go on a hunt for all kinds of interesting topics that you can blog about.

 For example, while going on a walk recently, I found some pictures of a funny looking dog while scrolling through my Facebook news feed. 

I thought it was hilarious so I knew I will share it online if I ever make money from my blog by changing the image to something else. 

If there are no funny pictures to share across the internet, try to find something people are talking about in your niche every day.

Just like you would use a search engine to find a restaurant to eat, you can use a search engine, especially Google, to find content ideas for your blog.

 If I am going through the internet looking for content ideas, here are some websites that come up when I search “top 10 things people are talking about”:

Step 4- Creating Content

Okay, so now that you have an idea for a piece of content you want to write, it is time to start creating! 

There are many ways out there that will help you create a blog post just the way you want. 

You can choose from striking headlines and enticing titles or even using long paragraphs with good grammar and spelling. The important thing is to start sharing your eyes out with others.

I will teach you everything you need to know about blogging in a few weeks when we get into the next step in getting back into blogging.

 Until then, I will leave you with a few tips that will help you get started.

Always write from your point of view. Share true experiences from your life, not second hand information from other people’s lives.

 Be genuine and tell stories from your own life so people want to hear more stories from you.

Be consistent in writing and posting on a regular basis or at least once a week because it is easier for people to stick out of listening to someone if they have heard them once in a while.


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