Wealth manager Ana Fajardo offers expert retirement advice

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Seeking expert retirement advice is now more important than ever, according to wealth manager Ana Fajardo.

Following unprecedented global economic uncertainty, seeking expertly tailored financial retirement advice has never been more critical. That’s according to wealth manager Ana Fajardo, a senior retirement specialist with ValuTeachers.

ValuTeachers’ mission is to secure the retirement dreams of educators and school employees by advising them and protecting their finances. “At ValuTeachers, we put educators’ financial safety first,” explains Ana Fajardo from her home office in Miami, Florida. “That’s why our clients can retire with the peace of mind that they’ll be financially fit during their senior years.”

Renowned wealth manager Ana Fajardo

Ana Fajardo is a renowned wealth manager, senior retirement specialist, and successful entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. During more than 20 years in business, Fajardo has excelled in consulting clients on investments, retirement, and various other matters.

While she’s now squarely focused on financial security in retirement, the renowned wealth manager is equally knowledgeable on numerous other topics, including real estate and financial services more generally.

Ana Fajardo and the rest of the team at ValuTeachers are committed to ensuring that all of their clients can retire with financial peace. Together, they serve the employees of charter schools as well as nonprofits, religious organizations, hospitals, municipalities, cities, towns, and more.

Their vision, Miami-based Fajardo says, has long been to help as many people as possible to secure their retirement dreams. “They deserve it,” she notes, “and you do, too.”

Ana Fajardo and Wealth Companies

Elsewhere, Ana Fajardo also co-owns a separate firm, Wealth Companies, alongside her partner. It’s here that the pair have further created a track record of success in the wealth management industry. “It’s important that clients across the board take advice on their wealth management and retirement needs,” says Fajardo, “now more than ever.”

Since 2000, Wealth Companies has assisted countless clients in making robust financial decisions. The result has been that clients have succeeded in growing their wealth, protecting their assets, and creating legacies through the advice granted by Fajardo, her partner, and Wealth Companies.

All-important charitable contributions

Outside of her work in wealth management and as a senior retirement specialist and successful entrepreneur, wealth manager Ana Fajardo is a long-standing supporter of several all-important charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these are St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and SPCA Florida.

When she’s not working or supporting the good causes she’s passionate about, Fajardo—who grew up between California and Texas before relocating to Florida—loves spending time with her family. That includes her two dogs, Bellini and Brandy.

Among her many passions, travel is toward the top of Fajardo’s list, the ValuTeachers and Wealth Companies senior retirement specialist reports. A highly motivated overachiever, she’s celebrated by her friends and peers as a consummate professional committed to supporting others and as someone who’s always positive and happy in all aspects of life.

Find out more about Ana Fajardo on the official Wealth Companies website. Alternatively, connect with wealth manager, senior retirement specialist, and successful entrepreneur Ana Fajardo on LinkedIn.


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