What Are Steps To Start Using Your Cheap Seedbox?

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Your seedbox is a small portion of giant remote servers, which is collective called a slot. You can access your cheap seedbox is various ways and make it perform your works even when your personal computer is powered off. Your committed-server is completely independent of any other computers. 

Before understanding steps to install a seedbox and its usage, we’ve explained what are common advantages using a seedbox over virtual private networks –

  • Speed: This is one of the main advantages of using seedboxes. Most seedboxes are on 100Mbit of lines that makes it quite speedy. This remote-server offers extreme-speed compared with your internet, which your nearby internet service provider renders. And so, you just need to set up and relax streaming online videos and movies. 
  • Ratio: Maintaining a good ratio with your seedbox is quite simple and easy. This remote-server generally comes with ample storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You can simply download files using a seedbox and keep them for maximum usage. This requires no additional efforts and you can maintain good ratios on websites as well. If you are worried about maintaining a good ratio, with a cheap seedbox, you can remotely run online activities. 
  • Privacy: This committed-server will ensure seeders with extreme privacy while downloading torrent files. You aren’t needed to make use of BitTorrent clients on your computer, neither should you concern about secret agents with a right seedbox plan. Additionally, you no need to worry about warning notes and can remain under complete security with a public server. The right application will ensure you with secured and safe online activities at insane privacy.  
  • Convenience: The right seedboxes are user-convenient, and so you no more need to use any system with a seedbox, which’s consuming your enough storage capacity. Never stress over your roommates always streaming online movies or videos, as you are using a seedbox and can unloading media automatically. 
  • Streaming of Torrent Files: Most seedboxes come with pre-installed applications and so, you no more stress over unorganized videos or audio contents. This advanced application makes it work as a media center, which enables quick sorting of videos and straight away streaming without interruption. Irrespective of creating private accounts, seeders can choose whatever needs to be played with a seedbox. This remote-sever will never give rise to security and privacy issues. 

However, the advantages of using seedboxes aren’t restricted only to the above-mentioned points. You can notice more advantages as soon as you start using it and gradually will get used to remote-servers. 

Steps To Begin Using Your Seedbox

Once your seedbox is installed and activated, you must visit your client area. This is custom-made software required in managing servers, payment modes, monitor, and understand your account’s general overview. After you’ve visited client area, you need to click on the “My Client Area” button. Now, you will be redirected to the main page of your portal. 

The main page will show your account’s general overview, and also you will get to see –

  • Dashboard
  • Tickets
  • Invoices
  • Settings

Additionally, you can check your available credit balance and usage statistics under the panel category. You can even edit your seedbox profile and make necessary changes or updates, such as – email id and password. 

Under your “Credit Balance” category you will get the “+Add More” button from there you can access the “+Add Funds” option. This particular choice will enable users to add funds to their accounts in order to automate usage and pay invoices within your system. 

Your Settings Area:

You can simply access “Settings” within your panel. There you can get some main information about your profile and options to change your seedbox account password (if required). Here you will also get the following options –

  1. API Access
  1. Two Factor Authentication

API Access will enable seeders using several extensions along with a special element, which is related to your account. For security concerns, you should never enable any options unless you are using it. 

Two Factor Authentication will allow users an extra security option regarding your seedbox account. 

Manage Your Seedbox:

The client area’s main page will assist you to manage and click on “gear” icon. From the drop-down menu, you need to click on the “Manager Seedbox” option. Now, you will be again redirected to the main page where several options are available. 

After you appear on its main page, you can see user statistics within your seedbox. This is a more accurate and easiest way to understand if you are within the allowed limits of your cheap seedbox. In case you’ve surplus your monthly upload traffic, you need to proceed with “+Get More” >> “Buy Traffic” and add as much as extra traffic you want to purchase. 

Below usage statistics, you will get “General Infobox” containing generic information about your seedbox. Additionally, you will get to see “usage graph” within your client area. You will even notice the “Restart Seedbox” button that helps to restart your seedbox settings. Once you proceed, you will find the following tabs –

  • Seedbox
  • VPN
  • Plex
  • Installable Apps


Under the Seedbox tab, you will get the following options –

  • Login Information
  • FTP Access
  • Torrent Client WebUI
  • SSH/ SFTP Access
  • HTTP Access
  • Cancel Seedbox


Under the VPN tab, you will get to see the options listed below –

  • VPN Login Information 
  • Download VPN Configuration 


Under the Plex tab, you will find the below-listed options –

  • Plex Support 
  • Automatic Subtitles

Installable Apps

At this last tab, you will get to see –

  • Click Installable Apps 
  • Go To Applications 
  • Infobutton 

To conclude, make sure you are every time updated to the latest versions available along with check out new applications whenever you can afford it. You can anytime access your client area, and so make the required changes and updates. 

Hopefully, you are now reading to use your cheap seedbox right now!


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