What is Ins Cans Planas?

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If you are looking for ways to study for an exam in your Spanish class, you have come to the right place! 

We have compiled a list of 37 websites that will teach you just about anything pertaining to Spanish. 

You can even use these sites to brush up on your Spanish in order to leave the classroom feeling confident. Don’t miss this opportunity, these are some must-have websites for any budding linguist!

Have you ever found yourself so focused on learning something new that nothing else seems important?

 You might be able to say this after reading this article about 37 different websites that will teach you something new, whether it’s cooking hummus or building an app with node.js.

Have you ever tried watching something in Spanish? You can find it all online; full length movies, documentaries and news programs. 

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t live in a Spanish speaking country, how will I understand what is going on?” Check out the tips we’ve provided for each website moodle ins can planas and then watch away!

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a new language learning website created by Luis von Ahn, who previously made reCAPTCHA. 

Unlike many of the sites mentioned here, Duolingo is free to use although it does have a premium account which will remove ads and allow users to keep track of their progress. There are over 20 languages available for you to learn. 

The website uses a gamification style of play where you have to perform certain tasks in order to pass the stage – part of the fun of this site. Students also get the opportunity to make their own flashcards.

2. Wordnik

Wordnik is a dictionary website for English and many other languages. 

The look and feel of this website is very similar to Merriam-Webster, where you can find both nouns and adjectives with their respective plurals, a list of verbs, a quiz of the most common verbs in English, even a list of Shakespearean quotes! Sort through all the possibilities on this website!

3. iTunesU

I was so excited when I discovered iTunesU on my computer at school. It is an app/website that allows you to access free courses of college-level classes. 

Read through the material, listen to the lectures and do all of the assignments. Also, check out their AppleTV channel which has some great videos on it.

4. Memrise

Memrise is an online learning website that will help you learn vocabulary in a fun way! 

I am currently using it to learn Spanish vocabulary and I love it. 

The site offers quite a few courses but many are in English, so I am taking advantage of this by learning the English translations while also working on my Spanish skills. 

Some of the courses available include: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

5. TED

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It is a nonprofit organization that serves as a platform for sharing “ideas worth spreading.” 

The website has been around since the early ’90s and today there are over 1700 videos from over 1400 speakers. 

Each talk is roughly 18 minutes long with a specific theme or topic. This would be a great resource to read before you go to bed at night – I know it would make me sleepy!

6. TED Talks

YouTube is a great place to learn new things. Furthermore, it can also be used as a great source for learning new vocabulary.

 These videos are shared and presented by TED speakers and they cover a variety of topics: science, technology, business and entertainment. 

All of the talks share the same basic premise: each speaker will tell you something they love about something. It’s important to note that some of these talks involve promotion through marketing — i.e.: purchasing products or services — so it’s up to you to read between the lines.

7. Free Rice

Free Rice is another website that teachers give their students. 

The website is aimed at learning vocabulary in both English and Spanish. However, you can use it to learn any language you choose. You are given a word in your language, for example “milk” or “emoción.”

 You have to correctly guess the word in the other language, such as “leche” or “émotion.” If you get one wrong, however, grains of rice support hunger relief around the world. A new game is available every day.

8. Oxford Dictionaries Online

This website gives definitions of words in English and Spanish, along with related meanings and pronunciations. 

This is a great resource to figure out if the word you’re looking for exists in English. If it does, you can use any of the links on this site to see how it’s spelled and pronounced.

9. Wikipedia

This is a great website that allows you to read about both current events and famous people from history. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a lot of articles to choose from on this website. 

The articles are arranged alphabetically so finding something new isn’t too difficult. It’s not as full as some other sites, but it has a good amount for what it is.


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